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: Today I saw Brother Nelson while wandering through the throng of students on the few open walkways. I hadn't seen him since he came to visit us in Romania. Then, while I was waiting for my Public Finance class to start, I looked up and saw Dave Matkin talking to a professor who looked vaguely familiar. Five minutes later Dave came back in to say hi and asked if I knew that professor. I said he looked familiar and he said he used to work for the distric attorney or something in Bakersfield. Then I remembered that it was President Rodriguez, who once called me to ask permission to use a letter I wrote President Speirs in Stake Conference. Interesting. We had a quote about it, Kirin: See? And you thought you were going to be excommunicated.

I called the Health Center to make an appointment to get my head checked out. When there were no acceptable appointments within the next two days the lady asked if I wanted to go to Urgent Care. I said "My head has been hurting for six months, I think I'll be ok."


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