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: School starts tomorrow. We're all at least as excited as we are dreading it. Breaks are nice but somewhat boring. I am a little worried about my schedule working out, especially since I'm going to be attending two sections of the same class until IS hires me (I don't want to have a 9AM class if I don't have to).

Emily is in my ward now. She went on the rafting trip today and we spoke in Romanian a little. About not having enough money to go back to Romania. At dinner someone asked me if I had lived in France and then Chris (Carrie's... friend) and I had a conversation about the few good things about Paris. Carrie has a keyboard. You'd think I'd be ok at keyboarding after doing it so much in the Iasi Branch, but apparently, it's not so. However, it's nice to fool around on once in a while.

We're getting ready for an early night (and an early morning tomorrow since I have to go find add cards and figure out my scholarship and other such long-line-waiting-in activities). I'm really excited for all my new classes and hopefully a new job.


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