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: Mark: Morning is relative, it's when you wake up that matters.

Sleep, sleep, clean, homework, clean, homework. I've only been up an hour and a half, but I've done so much!

: Julie, while I was helping revise her paper: I love when you read outloud; it sounds so much more stupid... Carrie, who recently started working at Ben and Jerry's: I've had an increase in my sugar intake. I think it's affecting my sanity.

My roommates have begun to call me "mom." Last night I listed off to Nathan all of the mom-ish things I had done. It was quite a list. I love it. I've got the cutest girls to live with. I've also got to get up and go to ward council at 800. bleh.

We went to dinner at Jacinto's today, for my birthday. It was really yummy. I am having a great day =) We're setting off a fruitfly bomb in our apartment while we're at church so who knows when I'll get to come back home. I am also going to Jon and Sharon's with Nathan and Shelley. yay! Eclair cake!


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