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Sunday: My first day of work was pretty good. My job is fairly fun and, as long as I don't get stuck doing the same thing for more than half an hour, easy. (My hands started cramping after 45 minutes of slicing pot roast.) I like that I get to wear an apron, and there are substituting opportunities so I can earn enough money to pay my own bills (eventually).

Things are going well on the Temple and Family History Council. Our temple prep class started yesterday; it was well attended, and the part of church I was most awake for. We are geting all of our projects off to a good start.

Productiveness: First thing today was a presentation in my English class. I gave a short lesson on parentheses, elipses, and brackets and then handed out candy. I'm usually late to my 1100 class anyway, but today I ran into Becky Not-Schmidt-Anymore and her husband Nate; Laurel (177) and her sister; John; and someone else I forgot.

My friend Alessandra came up to me after our programming class and asked if I'd gotten her email and did I want to do our budget reading assignment with her and Kirsten, because it's like 600 pages. No, I think I'm going to go home. No, Susie, it really is 600 pages. It really is 600 pages. The three of us spent an hour trying to decipher the professor's questions and then trying to answer them. Unbelievably, we are more than halfway done. I can't imagine trying to do that on my own.

I am now prepared to do all of the assignments I have due within the next week. We don't have Finance this week, so that gives me lots of extra time. I am all movtivated to use it wisely (after my nap). First I must eat french fries to counteract the Hershey's kisses I just had for lunch. *college students*


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