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: More Quotes... Kyra: I seriously don't know how it's possible to go through toilet paper that fast. Either someone is using too much or they are drinking way too much water... Julie: I'm going to make a hot dog. Do you want to watch me make one?... Shawna: Julie and I are tight like unto a soapdish (see Ether 2:17 and also this)... Julie: You know what's better than kisses? Well, I've never been kissed, but truffles... Carrie, on her almost-boyfriend: Yeah, he's pretty tall. I look like a keychain hanging out of his pocket... David: Yeah, he's 26 and he spends all day over at his parents' house. Susie: No wonder he's not married yet... Carrie: Our kitchen is disgusting! If cleanliness is next to godliness, we're all going straight to hell... Tom, Kristen's almost-fiance: I was really sad when I realized words don't rhyme in sign-language... We also had a lot of quotes about how Carrie didn't want to take a shower today.

In English 315 I met a girl who just got back from Romania and worked at Section 2 (for my unique thing I said I had a broken bone in my skull and then I had to explain that). My 487 (research and evaluation) professor wouldn't sign my add card! I'm supposed to "make a case" to the department chair (a case as in I need it to graduate). Grr. I really am going to die this semester. The world religions class I went to today was better than yesterdays. The professor sounds like Sean Connery. What am I going to do!!!!!????

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