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: It's 700 and I haven't been exactly productive today. I got up at 9 which is really early considering what time I went to bed, and we cleaned the apartment. I did a few things but not really enough to account for it being 700. I just got back from Sara's friend's house; they have an adorable little kitty and it was nice little walk. I think I'm hanging out with Shelley and Nate tonight but who knows what we're going to be doing.

: Susie is pretending to be on a cooking show while cooking Pasta Roni. Kyra: They don't really make things out of boxes on cooking shows... In my defense, I was only pretending to be on a cooking show because two people were staring at me... Sara's brother: There is a definite lack of testosterone here at BYU.

Had a good night sitting around doing pretty much nothing. I am sooo tired from my lack of sleep last night, but hopefully I will be able to sleep better tonight. Except that I have to get up early for church- starting next week I'll have to get up even earlier to go to ward council before church. Bleh.


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