: I spent the morning mopping the kitchen floor and now I'm exhausted. That's pretty much all the excitement, except that my grades came in. This is good news, except that I realized my GPA from summer term isn't my actual GPA. darn.

My internship searching for is not going well. I did run into Alissa Morrow at Mercy Hospital though.

: Rachel and I are burning CDs and packing for school. Kyra is on her way down here. But the most exciting news of all is that Rachel and I went shopping!! We got $275 worth of clothes for $40. Five sweaters and a dress. We also used the rest of a gift card Leonard had on a pair of tights an a Very Expensive candy bar. yay! I love sweaters.

: Back all safe and sound. Kyra and I spent two hours cleaning the apartment before we even got our stuff in. We were both so exhausted that we ended up going to bed around 930. We threw out so much junk. One of my exroommates has more stuff here that she forgot than I do in the first place.

Also bought books yesterday. They didn't cost as much as expected, probably because I decided not to get two of them. Church was full of new people and after, Julie and I took a bag of random add-water-only food (Jello, stuffing, pancake mix, soup) over to a friend who has no food. mmm food.

: First day of classes and work was good today. I work with lots of fun girls. It's nice to be done so early on Mondays and Fridays. I also got a letter from Doinita today.

: Yay! I got into my 8 AM badminton class! We even played today and it was fun. Everything else is turning out pretty good. My Research and Eval. class doesn't look as scary as the one I briefly attended last semester. Aside from the people I just had a bunch of classes with, I know: Camilla, a friend from freshman year; Jimmy, who I had a class with like two years ago; and Nicole, my roommate Michelle's little sister. I like having classes where I know pretty much everyone (like also the other class I had today, and my night class tomorrow, continuations of a class I had (and hated) last semester). Other good news: my friend Ruth offered to lend me an $80 psych book for a stupid required class.

I will be glad when my classes start taking the entire time and I don't have to sit around wasting time in between. I wandered by Dr. Gray's office to discuss my internship (or lack thereof) but he wasn't around. 20 minutes till work. I may get a different work schedule when my research class becomes more research than class. Two scheduled finals so far, both at 7 AM.

: I have a date! Well, I have someone to walk to class with at 8AM with. There are two people from my major in my psych class, and a girl I know from English 315. Actually, most of the psych class is apparently in our major, but they must all be sophomores. Us lazy seniors putting off a sophomore level class. Erin is in all of my classes but religion and PE. I don't know anyone in those classes, but PE is easy to make friends in: I need a partner!

Michelle is coming over tomorrow. Wednesdays are going to be so long. One of my 2 1/2 hour classes at least has fun potential. Julie and I took brownies over to 112 after I got home. That's why it's 11 and I've done nothing but eat, work, class, and flirt today.

: Michael (one of our hometeachers) came over the other night and we spent half an hour trying to translate the Chinese character on the pajamas mommy made for me. We finally ended up with "pathway to roadkill costume shop".

Lazy Saturday. I made Pasta-Roni and wrote a letter to Elder Whitney. Michelle came over on Thursday and we had fun "mer"ing. Actually, a lot of people came over this week, except, of course, Friday night when people have other things to do.

: Today was a great day! I flirted with lots of boys. Well, one. We picked out boys for each of us from the ward list. That was fun. We found Julie a great match!

Julie says hi. I am enjoying the music Rachel sent me over the internet. Ok all my roommates are staring at me weird... =)

Speaking of Pajamas: Last night, John, who actually knows Chinese, took one look at my pajamas and said "oh, that means 'longevity'." Oh. I haven't bitten my nails in two or three weeks. They haven't interrupted my typing in quite a while, but it's getting annoying and I love it. Maybe I'll go oncampus this afternoon and find a piano, just so I can feel how long my nails are. Off to work.

: Yesterday, on my way home from work, I found myself thinking, "Good thing there're only two Thursdays in the week." What I really meant was that Tuesday really wore me out, Wednesdays I'm too busy to even worry about being worn out, and Thursdays are just like Tuesdays and likely to wear me out some more. Luckily those are the only days of the week I have to worry about anything.

Everyone in my major, including the profesors, is a loudmouth. Dr. Z announced to the class (the same people I have every other class with) I would be doing a Powerpoint presentation after my date on Thursday. It would have been very embarassing if I got embarassed.

When I got to work the supervisor told me I was in charge, made a list of things for dinner, and left. She's said that before, but I haven't ever been in charge before. Whose idea was it to have three kids make dinner for 800 people?? It was incredibly stressful, but two manager people complimented me and Charles even suggested they may make me supervisor (which means they'll put me in charge when noone else is there (wait, they already do that) and a very nice raise). Yay!

: Today Julie and I went to the temple. By the time they were done printing all 632 family file cards, there were 60 people in the baptistry so we couldn't even go. There was, however, a cute surprise from a boy when I got home, and we eeked out an invitation to dinner. Julie and I watched Ice Age at John's apt. and talked for quite a while. Now I need to go to bed because I am going skiing tomorrow.

: Skiing today was a ton of fun. I went up with Robert and Shelley and her boyfriend, and Uncle Jon and Uncle Leonard were there. Robert and Jon took turns going with me so I wouldn't get lost whenever I slid 25 feet down random hills. The skiing at this place was a lot better, and a lot more difficult than where I'd been before, so I fell a lot. It was way fun though. I love having my uncles around to take care of me and give me love advice. I am really tired.

: *squeal!* Kyra and I just finished Friday's (the hardest) cross-word puzzle. We've been working on it all weekend and we just got the last 8 or so in a few minutes. Of course we used the internet, and even called some people for help, but we're really proud of this.

I've had a pretty good weekend. A new chair was called for my council... Derek, a guy who was in my freshman ward. We just sang for an hour straight and are all really tired and out of it, so it's bedtime.

What day is it again?: Bleh. Despite being unbelievably out of it, I am still full of consistent cheerfulness. Interesting. Today I found out two of the guys in my FHE group are also in my Marriage class. I also saw two other guys (the same two as usual) at work and ate lunch with one of them. I am on-campus early for my class so I could complete an assignment I won't have time to do tomorrow (class from 8-115, work 130-530, and I'm going out as soon as I get home).

I'm so glad I only have to live like this for three days of the week because it's awfully busy. On the bright side, life is moving along quickly and relatively smoothly (this is bright because I'm living from paycheck to paycheck). I guess things are always bright when there's someone interested in you, right? *hee*

: An article about one of my favorite professors. If you're lucky, you will someday hear me do one of the silly games I have learned from him.

TIREDNESS! I'm so glad it's Thursday night, because that means my week is finally over. Time seemed to move soo slow at work today. I'm not going out tonight after all, but I'm kinda glad. Julie and I are going to make pancakes, and then I can read until I fall asleep and sleep in tomorrow.

: Susie, Julie and Kyra, simultaneously and often, while watching The Simpsons: Awww.... that was so cute!

: Today was a great day. I figured some internship stuff out, and then tonight we had a ward social. John came home with us after the social (to eat leftovers of the dinner Julie and I made) and just left. We are going out tomorrow night, yay for dates.

: Yesterday morning, I opened the door to look at the weather and *gasp* it was snowing!! We got a few inches of snow, but of course it's all gone now. I must study study laundry study this afternoon so I won't have to stress out during my actual week. Today I found myself surprised certain places were open on the weekend (yeah, it's Monday).

: While walking to class this morning I ran into: Shannon, Stacie, Kirin, Jackson, Kyra, Julie, April, Megan and Tammy. I was late to class. Tammy is engaged (April 26) and we are going to go see her old roommates tomorrow. Also, Summer and Cami's sister Jamie came over last night. Apparently, Steve's (as in Steve and Winter, who are now married) brother is in my ward. Oh yeah...

I have two tests this week, but I think things are going to turn out ok. I'd kinda like to take my psych test right now and get it over with. Unfortunately I have three hours of work and two hours of class I must deal with first.

: Bleh, Stress!!!! Ok *whew* I'm done. We are going on a field trip for 473, so I can stand around in the RB for half an hour, so I can go look at more internship options. I get all upset and frustrated and confused anytime I talk to someone about my internship options/ideas. Except for Mommy. Yay for mommies! Maybe that means I need to call her again.

: I am at the library studying like a good girl. Actually, of the three and a half (literally) computers at our house, none work properly, and there's no printer and I had major computer writing to do. Scholarship application, internship application, religion paper, philosophy... oh yeah, I have an interview for an internship next week. Yay! Good luck to me.

I had a hot date with Kyra last night. We went to see "Shanghai Knights" (funny) and got ice cream at ColdStone (yummy). We've already planned our next date: Thai food. Must print stuff and get back to studying.

: This was a great and productive weekend. I studied a ton on Saturday; I think I got all my work done for the whole week, except my Philosophy (which I think I'm going to pretend is finished and print out right now). Tonight Julie and I are going to play badminton.

I was so happy yesterday. silly. I'm going to Jon and Sharon's next Sunday, yay!

: Busy busy busy. Kyra and Julie went with me to play badminton last night and it was fun. My computer-getting-fixed-ness is hopeless, so I am rewriting my resume (in the next ten minutes) so I can get letters of reference written for my interview on Friday. Yay!

: I am finally almost done filling everything out for my internship application (which is good because I am taking it up there after my next class). In bad news, I have to draw the leisure ability model and get to class in the next 12 minutes. Tomorrow's Valentine's Day! I actually have a Valentine! *hee*

: Yay, what a great weekend. I had a date on Friday and I got to meet John's dog, Traffic (who was already named when they got him, Mom) (and his parents). I got lots of homework done on Saturday, although I can't remember doing much else. John's mom called and invited me to dinner at their house on Sunday so I went there because Sharon et al were sick. I had fun playing with John's niece and nephew. I forgot how much I like having a three-year-old girl attached to me.

Today I slept in (for the first time this semester!), worked, and generally did nothing. Yay for doing nothing. Actually, things have been kinda crowded and traumatic around here, so I will be glad for school and normality to come again. Past my bedtime.

: Today is a very busy day (aka Wednesday). I have to write my Psych paper between my classes, so I don't get to go home until after 8, but at least I have a cute boy to walk home with.

I feel a Flaming Hot Cheetos craving coming on. Rach, eat some for me.

: It's Friday! Julie and I are going on an Elder's Quorum date (having been invited by members of the Elder's Quorum) to the Men's Volleyball game tonight. I need to go to work, Kyra was just laughing at me because I am excited to see my friend Karina.

: Yay for today. Just got off work so I'm heading home and going to get lots done before badminton tonight. I have a test on "smashing" tomorrow and I'm not sure I'll live up to my "B" average. On the bright side, I'm not so worried about my Marriage and Family test as I was before class today. *worry worry grades grades*

: It's actually snowing. Actual snow. Like eight inches of it (and counting). The trees lining the little walkway outside our apartment are all bent over, making it next-to-impossible to walk there (I did anyway). It's very pretty and all my roommates who have never lived in snow before (all but Lindsay, who just moved in and went to California this morning anyway) are freaking out. I mean, it actually looks like Winter outside.

Passed my badminton test this morning. I really wish I could just play for fun and not worry about grades, but that's life. Last night a couple people told me they noticed I was being very happy, and one girl said we (me and April) were the best Visiting Teachers she's had so far. So, yay!

Last week mentioned to John that my brother listened to Weird Al and They Might Be Giants.

: Thursday, yay! The week is almost over. This morning in badminton we learned how to drive. Finally we can play matches that are fun, energetic, and playable. I love playing with Susan; we are pretty good against each other.

I've been working hard to keep on top of all the things I don't have to worry about until the end of the semester. I have 13 pages of Private Demons left to read, and my research for that paper is all done. My research project shouldn't be much work at all, nor my family paper. Of course there are the classes where we haven't even discussed the final project, but at least they are group things.

The semester is more than halfway over. yay for no more susieschool!

Gah!: I have two tests this week, for which I am utterly unprepared. Weekends are just too much fun to waste studying. Kyra and I are going on another date tonight; hopefully we'll actually make it to Target this time, because we want our pictures! We ran around the apartment complex at 11 last night taking random pictures; see if I ever buy another roll of 36 (actually Leonard bought it for me for Christmas last April).

I came into the computer lab to print a resume and cover letter for an interview this afternoon, but I forgot that this lab isn't equipped for such things. Yes, I have another interview today... No, I still don't know about the last one (but I have talked to them). Going to work early to increase the chances I'll be able to pay my rent this summer.

: Both of my tests went surprisingly well. I also had a badminton skill test this morning (it was supposed to be next week). I did as well as I could have considering my partner. He should watch me when I'm not being tested playing against some random alphabetical person and grade me on that. Another B in PE coming my way. For some reason badminton ended after 20 minutes. Grr.

I have recently stopped attending two of my classes. One is Psych, which is a waste of time, and the other is Research, which is over. Actually, now I'm supposed to be doing actual research. ??? Danielle, who is in two other classes with me, asked what I was doing my project on (the same thing she wanted to do, amazingly enough) and said Ramon had highly recommended doing the research on a team. So I have a partner now. Twice as easy.

I get to go to California in two weeks! I'm so excited! I get to see my family (and pick up a bunch of school stuff I needed badly this semester). Do I have an internship yet??

: Last night our housing complex sponsored an ice skating party. It was great fun. $1 for ice skating rentals. Most of the people were from the other wards (there are five; it's a big complex) but we had tons of fun. I made all of my roommates come (it was Kyra's first time). I am a decent ice skater. When I tripped and fell over someone, I decided it was time to leave. My elbow hurts now. But it was fun! Gotta make the most out of my rent money.

I am at John's house; we just finished watching Con Air on TV. His roommates were a little weirded out when I totally started crying at the end. Eh. Shane blamed it on hormones. Built-in excuse!

: Yay! I love weekends. Sundays are the best: no homework, lots of good food, good friends... what more does a girl need? I had a ton of meetings and things to do yesterday, but I got to relax plenty in between at least. We are planning a trip to the Salt Lake Temple on Saturday and it's going to be awesome.

Rachel's birthday is this week, everyone! I have an evil test that day!

Badminton tonight and I may go running as well, you know, while I'm already sweaty and in the neighborhood. Off to work, yay, I love my job! Wow, today is a happy day.

Oh yeah, I have another interview for an internship.

: For those of you I haven't told (which would be everyone but Mom, John, my roommates and Barbie's boyfriend, who happened to be the first person I ran into), I got offered an internship for this summer. However, this doesn't solve my no-money dillema, at least not until the end of August, which is why I am going to work now.

: *stretch*. I am amazingly not tired. Last night I was at the library with John until late, studying for my Administration test tomorrow morning. I've been studying really hard and effectively, but I still have much more to do.

Everything seems to be going very well this week. I'm not too tired, I will be prepared for my test, I have an internship, a cute boy, and an almost-twenty-year-old baby sister. What could go wrong? (Don't answer that, Subconscious.) Plus, I get to go home next weekend! Yay!

Mom, this is a reminder for you to give something to Uncle Jon to bring me.

: At the library. Studying. Well, not anymore. It's 830! I'm tired of studying! I spent most of my time doing my reading for Religion next week, because I'm tired of studying for my test tomorrow. I think I know everything pretty well though. Off to walk in circles around the library until John is done studying with his group.

: Well, my test is over with. I didn't do as well as I would have liked to, but as well as I could have, so I guess that's going to have to be good enough. We learned the rules in badminton this morning. Apparently he hadn't realized he hadn't taught them to us. I'm not the only person who mentioned it I guess. We also only had to run twice.

What a great day. My test is over (and I've been worrying about this for ages), and I had time to work on my calling just now, I'm a happy girl.

Happy Birthday Rachel!

: Today I accepted an internship at Heritage School. I am going home on Friday! yay! John and I went to dinner at Uncle Jon's last night, it was fun to see all my little cousins. John brought me flowers on Saturday. The best part was that they could have been for any of us! Yay for love in our apartment.

: I got a letter from Doinita today, she is so cute! I've got tons of projects due in April, *bleh* it's going to be a long month. I forgot what I was really going to say. War. Life goes on. We have a new president.

: Yay, today I get to drive drive drive home. First I'm going to work (I'm early because I am taking off Monday and leaving early today and poor). I like my job. I'm lucky to have nice, fun coworkers who manage to work hard at the same most-of-the-time.

: Yay! I am really enjoying my short break home (although I won't be once we have to drive back early tomorrow morning). This morning before church Rachel and I took John over to meet Grandma and Grandpa. It was really fun. I also had a great time at church seeing old friends and I'm going to have an even greater time seeing my roommies again tomorrow! I miss them!

I love my sister!! She is so cute. I love my mommy too. She's the bestest mommy ever! My brother is really cool too. Thanks Len!

: I'm getting married!!

: I just ran into a pole in badminton (Well, I walked into it on my way out the door) and got a huge mark on my arm. Only, turns out, it's not a mark (I wasn't wearing my glasses) it's a big scrap (which explains why it hurts so much). Now I'm in the computer lab, trying not to bleed from two big arcs on my arm.

That's me with the big sparkly diamond on my finger!

Gah!: Stress. Breathe. Ok. I'm in the computer lab doing as much as possible of the homework for which I am solely responsible. I just finished my Family Paper for my religion class. It's poorly written but I think I just get points for turning it in and I would rather write my research paper than revise this one.

bleh, homework. Am I done with school yet??

: Picked out my wedding dress today. Yay!

: I have three papers do next week. Ce voi face?!?!

: Julie got accepted into her art program! Yay for her. I had a great weekend with John's family and Jon and Sharon's. Now I am recracking down on the schoolwork, but it's going well, I'm fairly motivated and I'm almost DONE!

: I have finally finished my dreadful Psychology paper. I spent the afternoon with my 473 group (and several other class members) working on a huge project due next Friday. We have all ignored the fact that we have group papers due in 472 in two days. Eh. whatretheygonnado?

Our project is a Written Plan of Operations for the Therapeutic Recreation Department for a facility. Ours is called "Lake Echo Treatment Center." We tried to make it as generic as possible. Turns out there is a Lake Echo. However, it's in Nova Scotia and ours is in Colorado. (Thanks to John and Mommy for the correct lack of apostrophe).

The point is that we have to have 200 pages of assessment tools, documentation formats and policies (etc.) for a made up facility. It's the most useful assignment I've had in ages (maybe ever), I'm just bugged we weren't allowed to start until the last few weeks of school.

Quote of the Day: Susie: It's like the most useless class I've ever taken, except for maybe my entire first two years of college.

: I've been working like crazy on schoolwork. Although I haven't done a single thing today. I had to come straight home from work because I spent the whole time barbecuing outside and I stank like smoke and meat. Then I made zucchini stuff for John and I, and tried my hand at crepes. Now I'm going to bed so hopefully I can get up early and get some studying done.

Last night John and I did bridal registry stuff- It was really fun. Picking out stuff for your house, but not paying any money. How exciting.

: School is really getting the best of me this week, although I did get a break last night to hang out with five of my Romania girls (Kristen, Kristin, Angela, Emily and Jamie (who's pregnant)). My research project is actually looking like a research project now (well done girls, considering it's due on Tuesday!) and I spent all morning working on more program, activity and symptom protocols. John is taking me to lunch now. yay!

: I am up late working on my research project which is due tomorrow. It actually wasn't that big of a deal. I just finished (well, started even, for that matter) the powerpoint. We don't have to present until next Monday but we wanted to turn the whole thing in together. My Administration project, on the other hand, is every bit the nightmare it seems to be. I've spent hours and hours working on it (we all have). It's 30 or so pages so far; Eileen and I FINALLY finished protocols (bleh).

: Wahoo!! I am completely done going to class, EVER!!! Jealous, aren't you?

Planning a wedding requires thinking about things I've never considered before. I never have to worry about "does he like me?" or "is he ever going to ask me out?" again. mmm it's worth it.

: Done with finals, done with school, yay! I get to go home tomorrow and be with my family. Leonard is even coming down for me. Just have a few hours of working and my cleaning check and packing and supporting John through his last final. Yay for no more school.

: John and I had a great trip to California. I especially enjoyed the bridal shower last night. It was great to see all the ladies from the ward and Grandma and Shannon and Pat. John made me Chinese food so I need to go eat.

: The training for my internship has started. This facility is absolutely amazing. Hopefully I will enjoy the internship and they will hire me and I'll be paid well and John and I will get great benefits. The training is very long hours of sitting in a classroom, but there is free food and it will actually be somewhat helpful. I get to learn things like safety restraints and CPR (which means they're paying for it, yes).

In other news, being out of school and yet still having something to do is great. I come home from work, John and I have dinner and we do whatever we want all night. Hot tub, BBQs, shopping, addressing thank you notes... Thursday and Friday nights will both be largely devoted to wedding receptions. Free food!

: I feel like I get lots of things done when I don't have to spend my evening [worrying about/doing] homework. John and I picked out tuxedos last night. Today, since I don't have training, I got my oil changed and I'm going to sort out some school/money/scholarship things. Tonight we see Eileen and Corey; tomorrow Kelinda and Raul.

: I am making peanut butter cookies. Yummy, but kind of crumbly. It's a lazy Sunday, we have a ward shindig at 3 and lots of time to sit around and be lazy Sunday people.

I like my internship so far. I got to go on an activity with a unit on Friday, no one died.

Yesterday John took me to see The Two Towers at the dollar theatre and we bought a glass temple (and palm trees!) for the top of our wedding cake. It's so cute and I love it!

: Today is getting off to a great start. I got my scholarship for Fall transfered to Spring (why did they give me a scholarship for after I graduate??) so now I am getting a tuition refund of $115. Free money! I will use it to buy gas for driving to my internship and back all summer.

I also bought new lenses ($25) for my glasses, since my insurance expires in a week, and at 12 I'm having lasagne and garlic toast with the cutest boy I know. Mmmm, food. Mmm, cute boy!

I've been spending a lot of money lately, but it's all on worthy purchases: clothes (my job has an extensive dress code, and I didn't pay for them anyway), wedding stuff. John and I bought a glass temple to put on top of our wedding cake. We also bought palm trees! The lady at the store put it on top of an ancient frosted styrofoam cake so we could look at it; a couple walking by asked if I'd brought my cake in to have them decorate it. Yuck. I forgot to have them paint the palm tree leaves green but it still looks very nice.

: Today John and I are going up to his house for Mother's Day. We get to babysit Logan and Ember tonight. yay!

: Today John and I started addressing wedding invitations. We probably did about 100 before it got old. My internship is going great. I love getting to know all the kids and the other Rec. Therapists, there's lots of free food, and it hasn't been too difficult yet. It's a lot of work, but I love it. I'd better get to bed so I can handle another full day tomorrow.

Yo to y'all: I am at Father's & Son's basketball registration with John right now. It's fun! Tonight I get my wedding ring back. Tomorrow we are going to Tucano's to celebrate because John got into the Master of Accountancy program. He sure is lucky!!

I cut his hair last night and it's way short. Oh well, you live and you learn. Next time it'll be better so it'll be perfected by July (hopefully)!

I like cheese!

: I'm at work right now, doing a whole lot of nothing. Actually, today has been pretty exciting. My supervisor, whom I'd previously met once, returned from vacation, and we've bonded.

: John and I are finishing up with our wedding invitations. It's going fabulously. We are sorting them and getting ready to seal and stamp them. It's a relief to have this much done and ready. Today I got to have nice chats with my mommy and grandma.

My roommates are pigs. John has to move out in two weeks (right when my mommy is coming up here!) and we'll have to start eating at my house. Yuck! There are dishes in the sink (and everywhere else) from Sunday.

: This week is going great so far. John got a nice raise yesterday and today we got the apartment we wanted. Work is going great, as usual. Lots of free food around today. I need to get myself a real job here.

: I've had a lot of things to do at work around here. Not to mention all the wedding things I have to do. Growing up isn't always the greatest.

: This is going to be a very busy week. I got my car fixed, expensively, but at least I can pass my emissions test now. John gets to spend lots of time at my house since he's living at his grandma's. My house is so full of dirty dishes and people leaving their stuff everywhere. I'm sick of it, but luckily I get my own place soon. Mine and John's own place. Woo hoo!

: I spent the weekend in Lehi with John's family. We watched a parade and had a bridal shower: free stuff! We got lots of cleaning supplies and a waffle iron and bedding and some towels and some other things.

Yesterday we saw a store called "Shag-Rug-La". I don't get it yet. At John's grandma's, we are working on a 1500 piece puzzle. The pieces are pretty big so the puzzle has turned out huge. We're not done yet.

I am making taco soup for lunch, but John's meetings are taking forever. It's going to be way yummy, though. I am practicing being a good cook.

: I get to marry John in four weeks! yay! My groups this week all went great, tomorrow is a holiday, life is just great. Must run home to go to the temple with my fiance (hehehe).

: *Whew!* I have so much work to catch up on. Hopefully I'll get lots done now that John is gone; he went to California for a couple days to do a leadership conference with the firm he wants to work for. It'll be nice to relax a little, with so much wedding stuff going on.

: I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of this rec therapist thing. My groups are starting to be more creative and less out-of-the-book stuff. It's a lot easier with my girls than with my boys. The girls are really receptive to just about anything. Next week we're making cards- should be fun. Everything is just getting to be a lot easier for me- the paperwork, the documenting, the planning, the implementing, the processing. If only I had a job.

: At work. I'm the only one here. Yes, these people on salary are supposed to be here 9-5 but it's not usually quite that much work. John took me on a date last night. He made me dinner and then we went to see X2 (50-cent night). What a sweet boy. Slowly my things are all finding their place in our new apartment and soon it will only be me and my blanket sleeping at the Elms.

: mmm eclair cake! Happy Pioneer Day! In a week, I'll be Mrs. John Chadwick. =) yay! I only had to work two hours today, and now we're having a BBQ at John's cabin.

: It's Friday afternoon. My girls' camping trip has miraculously made it through the ever-stricter paths of red tape flying up around the rec office. I have a lot of other assignments I ought to be doing, but I really don't feel like it.

I'm pretty much moved out of my apartment and I have a date tonight. Six days until my wedding. How much can a girl take?

: Three short days left. So much cleaning and errands to do today, since we're leaving right after work tomorrow. I was at work 4 1/2 hours yesterday, packing food for the camping trip. What a pain. We were only missing a few things, most of which were taken care of. I'm excited to get a break from work for a while. When I come back I'll most likely be headed to Lagoon with my boys- I will be continually in need of a vacation this summer.

I'm all moved out of my apartment except my PJs, blankey and soap. It'll be nice when I can stay in my nice apartment instead of having to go sleep at the yucky one every night. Soon soon soon.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow: Now that you have that song in your head... I'm getting married tomorrow! yay! Let's celebrate by eating some dinner, chilling out with my mommy and waiting for my siblings to come spend time with me. party!

In case you didn't know: from someone else's (or your own) weblog, John and I are married! We had a great trip and quite the excitement. We went to the beach, got free stuff, hung out with my family, sat in awful traffic, went to the outlet stores, stopped in Vegas, got IDed in a casino in Mesquite (yes, we were gambling), and finally made it home. We went to a yummy buffet in Mesquite, complete with cheesecake, prime rib and Mongolian BBQ (yum!).

It was somewhat a long and frustrating drive and I am ready for a nap but first I have to find my bed (cute new house!) underneath stuff that needs unpacking.

: I just had a job interview. I think it went pretty well, but all of a sudden there is competition (this position was open when I started my internship). Well, cross your fingers! We'll know next week. Got to hurry home to my honey.

: My dear family has come to celebrate at another free-gift-party tonight and to hunt for trilobites (I'm not sure I really know what those are). It's been much excitement at our house, since we've never had so many people there, much less staying there, but also much fun. We went to Denny's for dessert last night- how 13th grade.

Now we're off to the dinosaur museum and to dress up and decorate for the open house. I love my family!

: I got a job today. Woo hoo!

: Things are going great for the new Chadwick family. We've been organizing all our wedding gifts and trying to return some things. We just returned a couple things to the bookstore and got credit we can use for John's textbooks.

I got a part-time/on-call position at Heritage, so I've been trying to apply for my temporary TRS license, the test I have to take to get it, and the test I have to take to get certified (this costs about $550). I'm really excited to be working there and I'm settling into the different responsibilities I've had. It'll be fun to get used to getting PAID to work there, too. I also get my stipend next week.

: I'm at work. It's a job I actually get paid for. Today I am getting paid to play Jenga. The "part time" part of my "part time/ on call" job is doing groups on the Intensive Support Units- Rec Therapy for the kids who have been removed from their unit because they are a major disruption or are a danger to themselves or others. It's not usually exciting, but today I learned how to call a resource team.

The "on call" part of my job hasn't been too exciting because Marissa is still pregnant. I have covered a couple groups though.

: For Leonard: We saw on a feature on our Two Towers DVD that the special edition, extra footage $800 DVD that comes out in November has a scene with the Entwash. Weren't you wondering about that?

Rach and Mom: Got your message, we were at church. Yes, we now have church until 5:30 PM on Sundays. We also spoke yesterday, on reverence.

We're at John's house, helping clean out his old junk (and some good stuff) for his Mom, and getting ready for a family BBQ. I've begun scrapbooking.

: Julie and her new husband have moved into our complex. School started again today, John is back to his normal self, studying every spare minute. I'm trying to rack up some hours at work planning stuff. Still waiting for Marissa's baby.

An amusing story from John: Yesterday John decided to work an extra hour so he could get a ride home from his supervisor, Lisa. So, at 5:00 they get in the car, which, incidentally, is parked in the parking lot where the band practice. Lisa puts the car into gear and *crunch*.

Lisa: What was that?

John: I didn't hear anything.

John gets out to look. Squished trombone.

The kid is standing there looking at them like he doesn't care. So Lisa and John drive off.

: Rachel says: Mom and i spent about 15 minutes looking for the source of the beeping noise ( I swear, it kept moving!) turns out it was her.

In the first few days after I got my work pager, I was running errands and I kept hearing this shaking noise in my car which stopped when I turned the air conditioner off. Then I realized it was my pager vibrating in the cup holder beneath the air conditioner.

: I have learned how to crochet and gotten a good start on scrapbooking our wedding pictures.

: I'm such a lucky girl to get all spoiled on my birthday. John bought me flowers, and a candy bar, lots of lotion and soap, and a pair of jeans and he made me a nice card. Plus we had a yummy dinner that I didn't have to cook! Then he let me scrapbook for a while, got me some scrapbooking stuff, and stayed up late talking with me. I have the best husband ever! He always makes time for me.

: Having a great week. John is pretty stressed about the recruiting going on as of late. He has an interview on Friday for an internship this Winter, so remember him then. We are really hoping for this one because the competition will be much worse for Summer, plus we'd have to wait until January or so to find out about it. It'd be nice just to have this one in the bag.

We are out on a walk to the computer lab. I've been crocheting all evening. I learned some new skills at Enrichment last night and my items are going to be much better now *determination*.

: For ages I've been meaning to mention that I saw two restaurants in North Orem with "Xochitl" in their title. Yesterday I saw another one, and now I have remembered to mention it.

The funeral (John's grandpa if you haven't heard) was lovely, and there weren't too many open problems from the wierd branch of the Chadwicks.

I have set a date with my sister-in-law (Ashley) to scrapbook during Priesthood session.

: We are having a lovely Saturday. The house is all clean and I made lasagne (ok it was frozen), garlic bread and cabbage salad for lunch, yummy. My red wine vinegar appeared to be quite nasty, so I dumped it out and my dressing is missing a bit of something, but still tastes very good.

I am getting emails from my friend Jackie who is in Romania working at Section 2 just like I used to be! It's fun to here all the gory old details. Well, away from the computer lab and on with our walk!

: John and I were so social this weekend. One of John's old mission companions came over with a friend of his (they did the yummy Thai food thing without me while I was at the Relief Society Conference) and we played games on Saturday night. Then on Sunday we had Julie and Kristi and their husbands over for fruit pizza and then got invited to dessert with another couple in our ward (more mission stuff, but this time I got to talk to the guy's wife).

Socializing goes late when you don't get out of church until 530. I used my new crockpot for the first time and made my first pot roast. Well, John did most of the work while I was visit teaching. It was so yummy. My husband is a good cook.

: Wireless internet was installed in our complex and even though we're not signed up for it, John's computer is equiped, and it occasionally works (for free!).

On our FHE walk this evening, John and I saw a racoon (sp?). It was all cute and sniffing around the nasty campus moat.

: Rachel will be happy to know we are considering paying for the wireless internet we're getting at our house. I'm going to bed now.

: I love John!

: Unlike Mom John and I have had trouble getting the UPS to deliver our package at a time when we're actually home. Therefore I have to drive out to North Orem and pick it up myself. Mer.

John will not be doing an internship Winter semester, so we're going to try our luck for the summer, in both Orange County and L.A. Where does one buy a house in LA? A new house.

This weekend we are puppy-sitting Traffic while the rest of the family goes to St. George. We are also kid-sitting Logan and Ember on Friday. I'm going to do lots of laundry while we get to stay in a house with a washer. And lots of crocheting and scrapbooking. I love weekends!

Recent Kitchen Triumphs: Now that I have a little family to cook for I have been occasionally trying out new recipes. There was the fruit pizza and pot roast on Sunday and yesterday I made a new version of spanish rice with cheese and bacon (I added my own olives and corn). Last Sunday we made baked chicken pieces with red potatoes and this yummy spicy mustard, pepper and mayonaise saucey stuff. It was very good!

Adventures in Puppy-sitting: Traffic is singing along to the music John is playing on the piano. We had a fun night with the kids, making monster cookies (the frosting ended up being pea green, and the cookies tasted really bad (the kids loved them)) and watching videos. John took me to lunch at Del Taco, yummy!

Mommy, if I were home I would take care of your garden for you. I miss having a garden, and eating lots of fresh veggies.

Success: We have finally paid for wireless internet! Feel free to email me all you want.

Today I saw the most gorgeous rainbow. It was sprinkling and the sun was out and coming in sideways, and I could see the whole rainbow, really bright, plus a pretty decent shadow rainbow. Unfortunately I was driving.

For Leisure Ed. this week we are doing a photo scavenger hunt around Provo. A creative all-group picture. Pretending to push the van. Something purple.

Middle Eastern Night: Culture Awareness is over! Over, I tell you! The one good thing about both of my units having their nights in a row is that it's now OVER! Well, technically, my girls are still sitting out in the gym, on the stage, with hip scarves on. But I watched their dances, and cheered, and took pictures and now I can go home.

Anyone who is excited for next year didn't do enough work this time around.

: Today my husband took me to the temple. Then we came home and changed and walked to Panda Express. Yummy! We had donuts for dessert. It was nice not to have to cook dinner and nice for John, I'm sure, not to have to do the dishes. My co-workers say John's dish-doing will end, but I suspect they're just saying that cause they're husbands stopped. I don't think mine will =). When school starts, they said. 6 weeks ago.

And the floods came up: Our bathroom flooded yesterday. According to the plumber John called, when a couple other toilets in the complex back up, it all floods out of another one (ours). My wonderful husband cleaned up the mess all by himself. We had to wash all our towels twice and our carpet is still a little damp, but we won't have to pay for it at least.

: John made sweet and sour chicken for dinner tonight. Real, genuine Chinese kind. It was so yummy! He deep-fried the chicken in cornstarch, and cooked it with real sweet and sour sauce, onions, green peppers and pineapple. Yummy!

: Today I went ice skating with 17 boys from Heritage. There were three other staff. One was unwilling to skate, another pregnant, and the third had never been before, thus leaving me as the most experience staff skating with our 17 boys. No fights happened. I have survived.

An amusing experience happened while I was doing group in ISU today. Unfortunately, because of privacy issues, I can't say much more. Sorry.

Tonight is FHE, something John and I have been working hard at doing well. It's my turn. So far, I have made crepes. Yummy crepes. Hopefully the evening will get more exciting than food.

: I had tons of paperwork to do today, and I got tons of paperwork done today, and yet it's still not five o'clock. I did assessments, made lists of the new goals I created, organized my protocal binder, organized some stuff of Marissa's... I should go through her closet. It's a mess, although not entirely my fault.

How Handy: I ordered some things from Oriental Trading for my kids. The first time, it was unsuccessful; I must have typed the credit card number in wrong. This time I am being extra careful, so I checked my order delivery status and it even let me track the package through fed ex. Technology is happy with me today.

I ordered lots of fun stuff for Christmas presents, some candy, some crafts for my girls and toys for my boys, Halloween and fall stuff. Should be fun.

: I discovered how to look at the stats of my weblog just now. How exciting!

: Rachel, you're getting a little wacked out. I'm proud of you for unplugging the DSL. Our's turned itself off until the 20th. Is it Friday yet?

: We just made Oreo shakes and have decided that they're better not made at home, because non-home institutions use Oreo cookie crumbs without the creme. The creme leaves a slimy taste in your mouth. For lunch we had Zesty Chicken and Potatoes again. We didn't use red potatoes this time but it was still good. I like Sundays because John has time to help with dinner. John is so sweet in giving me suggestions of what to cook. It makes my job so much easier.

We were visited by the bishopric tonight. They learned some Cantonese while waiting for us to open the door (the first counselor served in Hong Kong). Lei ho!

Yum: I made two batches of sugar cookie dough which are at home in the fridge awaiting our sweet return. My pumpkin- and witch-shaped cookies cutters are on the counter with my rolling pin (I love you, rolling pin!) I don't know how well the witch will work out, but the pumpkin-shaped one is really a nice cookie cutter. It's big, doesn't have any easily breakable appendages. Etc. I have a set of 100 cookie cutters John let my buy with a gift certificate to Linens 'N' Things we got from Sister Davis. He made me promise to make him sugar cookies (his fav) once a month.

Why are all my entries about cooking? Do I do anything else?

[Comments] (1) An Entry about Scrapbooking: Today I finished two more pages. These were lovely lavender and deep purple pages with pictures from our Utah open house (that project is now done). John and I went through his mission scrapbook and he showed me things he liked about scrapbooking, so I am trying to add a little of *his* way into our book.

Next up: Our first apartment pages, to tide me over until we get the rest of our California reception and temple pictures. Should be soon now.

This weekend we're going to use gift certificates I got for my birthday to go to a movie in the *expensive* theatres, and are having a sleepover with Traffic, since our family birthday party is on Sunday.

I had to write this entry to show that I do more than cook. =)

[Comments] (4) : John (reading his Marketing book): Would you like an ostrich skin vest? Susie: No. John: Well, on the bright side, you just saved me $19,000.

[Comments] (1) : Sometimes... ok, often, when I walk through the gym, I get the urge to do a cartwheel. I haven't done it yet. Perhaps because I know my badge and keys would whack me in face if I tried it. Today, while walking though, I was also admiring my pretty sparkling diamond. It looks great under the flourescent lights.

It's Friday!: I'm so excited. I was so excited that I planned the most fun activity for girls ISU- we made mosaics by tearing little pieces of paper. I made a sunset over the beach. Rich said: Is that a pumpkin on a wall?

[Comments] (1) : Today for lunch we got Flaming Hot Cheetos. How yummy! Then we carved jack-o-lanterns and sat around. What a fun group.

[Comments] (6) A recipe for Alyson: I have never tried falafel because I've made before. When I worked at the Cannon center I made it probably three times. Two cans (#9) of chickpeas, a cup of flour, 1 bunch of parsley (actually, cilantro, I think) and a giant glop (1/3 cup?) of bottled garlic in water. Stick it all in the chopper-upper and fry into pancakes. Yeah, so I've never tried it.

I made potato soup today. It was a little bland; I think I put too much water, too. Disappointing, because I spent a lot of time on it. We even cut the vegetables up last night so we wouldn't be eating really late tonight.

See, I always write about cooking. Rachel is giving me French lessons (instead of writing her paper) and I have sniffle-ies.

: Today I am thankful for my laziness. My snow scraper has been in my car (where else would I put it?) throughout the whole unsnowy season. I mean, it never even made it to the trunk. SNOW! Today I used it when I made a trip to Partyland to buy colored hairspray for my boys. When I got home (slightly delayed due to the football game), there was no noticeable snow, although it's piling up at Heritage.

John lies in saying he had to clean his car off. It was snowing harder at the temple (some finally did build up here), but we made do with the windshield wipers.

Tomorrow is Halloween. I have a busy day at work; one normal group, one leisure ed. (read: longer) group, two rearranged and shortened groups, one (free!) flu shot, one luncheon, 25 kids to help dress, and a giant trick-or-treat parade. Then I have to do the charting for the 35-40 kids I'll have in group. Whew. I am dressing as a boy scout.

Our utilites bill has gotten continually cheaper, but now we may need to start turning our heater on. I teased John that we'll end up only sleeping in our bedroom (so far away from the heater/AC) during spring and fall.


: The weather, as commercial marketing, seems to have skipped a few holidays. Poor trick-or-treaters! What John calls "flurries" I always thought was excess pieces of snow blowing off the roof or trees. But it's really supposed to snow a ton tonight.

I bought Christmas Snickers' the other day without realizing it. They're for my kids, although I'm still not sure how I can give treats to my kids when i have a few on pre-tray (exactly what it sounds like: pre-trayed low-fat diets. Cafeteria food. Yum.)

My husband went to work at 730 and called me 10 minutes later to tell me he got a very unexpected raise. Woohoo! We have evaluations in November, so I think I'll be getting a raise too, but it will be prorated since I've only been working there for a few months. Speaking of which, I should get to work and write up my goals. I'm all (well, mostly) dressed up as a Boy Scout. I hope this doesn't fall into the "no cross dressing!" category.

[Comments] (1) : It's only 9AM and I've already braved the snowstorm outside for the sake of our laundry. Ok, it's not really snowing, and I didn't actually have to be in any of it. But still!

We're listening to the Harry Potter soundtrack (so John can study, except right now he is cleaning the bathroom. What a great husband!) There was a guy (one of the head maintenance workers) at work dressed as harry potter yesterday. He had a wig and everything. I thought of Rachel. I thought of Rachel again because half of my girls dressed as some sort of cute bug or fairy princess or some other winged entity.

: The snow is gone, but it is cold and looks awfully dreary outside. You can't see the mountains and John teased they landed on a community (We were discussing 3 Nephi 8 earlier).

John and I are the Public Affairs coordinators in our ward. It's a stake calling dealing with blood drives, food drives and various (our choice) community service projects. We barely found out what it was two weeks ago.

Heritage offers free flu shots to all of its employees. What a great idea for a school! Why don't all schools pay for flu shots for its employees? Probably because few schools are so well-funded as Heritage. My arm still hurts.

Last night I dreamt (after watching The Net that Heritage was in trouble for tax evasion and everyone ran off but me and one other person, so we ran into the Admin. building to hide when the people drove into the parking lot to get us, and as we ran up the stairs my sticky note with our Tax Exempt number on it fell in view of the window. I woke up quite frightened.

: Tonight John and I went to Red Lobster with a gift card I got at work (for putting up with Cultural Awareness). I don't like seafood (after we paid, John pointed out the gift card was also good at Olive Garden) so I had nachos. But at least John got to get a taste of seafood.

It snowed maybe 2 inches on my car at work today. Snow snow snow. It started snowing after I got up, and everytime I looked out the window it was snowing more heavily. I went to Target today, learned how to do some Origami, carried one of my girls to nursing after doing a challenge group. That was a challenge for me, all the way to nursing in the snow! Her ankle appears to be ok now, thanks goodness. One other girl went to nursing during that group too, for injury, although most of the girls were sick today.

[Comments] (3) : My webpage is first on the search for "Leaning Tower of Chocolate" and second for "Tower of Chocolate". The second was a link to an actual leaning tower of chocolate. We all got sent home from work because of the fumes from the refinishing of the gym floor. I got some more wedding pictures today, but still not all of them. I can at least do all the temple pages now I think. And Jamie sent me a cute little book for my birthday I can put some in.

[Comments] (1) : I have made 20 and 3 halves scrapbook pages for our wedding, ranging from Dating to Our First Apartment (and missing quite a few in between). I am working on pages of our actual wedding pictures, and then perhaps I will consider dealing with the California reception (still missing pictures!)

In other news, I had a great day at work, not the least of which was a group on compliments (yay! who wouldn't love that?) with my girls. I also got paid, and didn't have to do a group with my boys. Instead, we took all the level 3+s to a conference where this guy spoke. And Julie's birthday is on Saturday, so we had staff meeting at Gandalfo's.

: I worked a large part of the day on scrapbooking, while John did xTax. I finished up organizing pictures from our wedding, two pages left to work on, and then just California pictures. I also put all of the pages I've done so far in my book (although I ran out of pages). It's exciting to have an actual book now.

John and I went to Coldstone and had a (buy nine get tenth) free ice cream and walked around the mall window shopping and getting Christmas ideas for each other.

: This morning John and I worked together on making an eclair cake and a chicken broccoli casserole. We are having John's friend Jaron over for dinner this evening, which means directly after church.

Our Thanksgiving plans our nearly set. I have work off, so we're driving to Whiskey Pete's on Tuesday, then down to Jamie and Dave's in Mission Viejo. Friday morning we'll drive up to Bakersfield, then head back to Utah Sunday. We are still debating whether or not to go to Disneyland on Thursday. The $80 getting a Utah driver's license saved us on our insurance is still worth more than any deals we could have gotten from Southern California residency, but lower prices would make The Happiest Place on Earth more appealling.

: Xtax has taken over life. I made John dinner (French toast; his favorite and my first time making it) at 9 pm. I scrapbooked for two hours after I came home from work and then got really bored. luckily my visiting teachers came over. They even admired my wedding scrapbook, which is now scrapbook-shaped and nearly complete. I continued to work on my mini album today. It is about halfway done. The pages I did today are very cute though.

Speaking of cute, Julie brought in this incredibly cute homemade scrapbook album she made for her dad for Christmas, which gives me ideas. Apparently, Julie doesn't sleep. Marissa also came in and brought baby Brooklyn with her. So cute! I have an on-call assignment for the very first group after Marissa gets back. It'll still be a nice break though.

[Comments] (4) : For our date last night, John took me to see Seabiscuit at the dollar theatre. We weren't very impressed by it. Today we went to Target and got some Christmas lights to decorate our house with, and some cute Christmas wrapping paper.

Since John won $200 (yay!), we are for sure going to Disneyland on Thanksgiving. We are getting really excited for our break from school, work, and reality.

[Comments] (2) : Our niece Hannah plays "John & Susie". It sounds like a Barbie wedding game. How cute.

: Tonight I worked on Christmas presents, then went Visit Teaching. I feel all crafty with the new things I am learning how to make. They are having a Christmas Boutique at work (in OUR group rooms!), and I haven't wanted to buy anything because I can make it all myself. Ta dum! I finished my first pair of booties. They are tiny, but I figured they can at least be used as a baby shower gift decoration.

[Comments] (1) : Today was a cold, snowy, scary day.

[Comments] (1) More cold and snow: Today the temp stayed below freezing (which says nothing compared to the wind chill! owchie!). It snowed a fair amount and the roads were quite icy. John and I babysat James and Hannah while Nathan and Ashley went to the Utah/BYU game (we lost but not as miserably as expected). We watched lots of Charlie Brown and let them help us buy groceries. Hannah behaved once we got her into one of the cool car carts they have at Macey's.

Tomorrow: lots of meetings, more snow, more meetings, dinner with some of John's former roommates (and wives).

[Comments] (4) : For Enrichment this month, we are having a homemade gift extravaganza. I signed up to make all the free (gift bags, snowman soup) and cheap (peppermint lipbalm, scented ornaments) stuff. Today at work I made a cute little scarecrow craft. He has pipecleaner legs and little foam crows.

We are getting very excited about our trip to California. I worked hard today to catch up on the work I left Friday (post trauma) and get ready for finishing up my longtime oncall job with Units 9 and 2. We'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon and get back to Utah on Sunday. Yay, for family, Disneyland and fun.

[Comments] (4) Mini Travelogue, Since I Never Update: At Rachel's request, I am finally updating. Since my last entry, I have been to California and back and gone down to part-time. California was great. Jamie and Dave have a beautiful house and adorable kids who love their uncle John. I enjoyed watching cooking shows with Jamie, looking through her scrapbook stuff (she's a professional) and admiring their furniture (we have been promised first dibs on the cofee tables and Tyler's baby clothes).

Disneyland was awesome. It was fun to just be a couple and only have one other person to agree with. Thanks to FastPass, and getting there before it opened, we got to go on pretty much everything with very little hassle. I was sorely disappointed when we sat waiting with terrific seats for Fantasmic and it was cancelled, but I supposed there's always another time.

John likes playing with Tonks. He just can't admit to liking a cat! We were only in Bakersfield for a short time, but Christmas is not too far away.

Now that I am part-time, I don't have to go to work on Tuesdays, unless I'm covering. It's odd; I have groups MWF and staff meeting on Thurs. The next two Tuesdays I have training, so that is taken care of, but today I am home making and buying Christmas gifts. John is worried I'll be bored and kept giving me suggestions on what to do. Unfortunately, I don't have too much to do at work on any other day, so I'll save some of those suggestions for later in the week.

Covering for a different group every time is going to be a challenge, but I did a little of it at the end of my internship, and it's not too bad. I did one group yesterday, I have one on Friday and two full days at the end of December (and I'm sure plenty more in between). Now that no one is on maternity leave we (me and the activity supervisor) can finally do what we were hired to do. She's been doing my job since four months before I was hired.

Doing Laundry: Suddenly, my life has become very boring. I mean, I'm not bored at all, but it's hardly anything worth writing about. Yes, I am doing laundry. This morning I have also: crocheted. eaten breakfast. read scriptures. Perhaps the reason things continue to remain exciting for me is that I get to spend all my time making Christmas gifts. I wonder what will happen come January... Well, another one of my coworkers is due in February, so I won't worry about it too much. Back to cleaning our apartment.

[Comments] (1) : I have been making lots of Christmas gifts and even bought a few small things. Enrichment was great yesterday. I made some decorated gift bags, and some fun food things. We also got to go up and see John's family and hang out with them. I saw "Nightmare Before Christmas." Interesting.

The service project we are doing for the ward is going well. We will be able to do Christmas gifts for 13 kids.

: Tonight was our ward Christmas party. Dinner was ok and then there was a talent show highlighted, I think, by a Christmas hula by one of the girls I visit teach and another girl. It was very lovely. We also collected a few more gifts for our angel tree kids.

There are more presents under our lamp/tree, although most of them are for other family members. It looks very nice and presenty. A lot of my gifts are homemade this year, but still very nice, I think.

: The pile of gifts for our Angel Tree kids is piling up in our living room. A couple in our ward brought by a very generous donation we'll be able to use to fill in all the blanks, maybe even buy things for another kid.

I tried a new, and very simple, recipe today. Chicken, salsa and corn, wrapped in tin foil and baked. Cheese and sour cream on top. It was yummy and very easy.

[Comments] (1) : I have a shirt that says "Sugar*". I think the asterisk is a symbol of the brand or something, but I always think it is trying to say:


*May not actually be sugar.

It's Friday Morning: It has, apparently, snowed.

[Comments] (2) : My cute husband is making me breakfast, which is fair since I'm making homemade soup and bread for dinner tonight. We've finally collected all of our Angel Tree gifts, although some late last night that need to be delivered today.

I am excited to cook dinner, yum! Does anyone know if I can put bread in the fridge after it rises but before baking?

[Comments] (1) : Our hometeachers are both named John. John D's wife made yummy chocolate-dipped pretzels. Which I need to stop eating now.

: It was pouring snow on our way home from church. John, how sweet, pulled the car up for me. My bread and stew turned out ok. The next loaf will be even yummier. Thanks for the tip, Mom. The stew didn't have enough juice in it, or perhaps I added too much pasta- Things that can be easily remedied the next time I make it. Another yummy triumph!

: This morning I've made lasagne and chocolate chip cookies for my husband. hopefully that will tide him over tonight. I have training from 1-6 and a work Christmas party from 630-930. On the bright side, I get paid for going to training (it's a refresher on restraints), and there are supposed to be very good prizes and bonuses at the party. And very good food. Today promises to be a good day considering I'll be at work for most of the rest of it.

I hope we are making lots of Christmas cookies, as discussed elsewhere. John and I have a deal that involves me making him sugar cookies once a month (I got cute cookie cutters in return). Plus, it's fun, and it's a family tradition!

: Training was fun. What can I say, I've always wanted to put the choir teacher in a safety hold. Not! Oh well, I didn't get dropped on my head, and I only have a few jewelry scratches.

: The Christmas party last night was fun. I won $20 in a random drawing- You wouldn't believe how much money they gave out! And they're doing it all again on Thursday night!

The Murder Mystery was interesting. They did this whole show, with singing and dancing, then the murder happened and we had about five minutes to find out clues and make our guesses. Very Fancy prizes for those who figured it out. We had the right person, but she turned out to have multiple personalities all of a sudden... Yeah, it was weird at the end.

[Comments] (1) : John and I are leaving for California a little earlier than planned. We booked a room in Nevada for Monday night. We were able to move our Return of the King date with the Chadwicks to Saturday after family pictures, so now we can leave Monday after working a few hours.

Yay! I can't wait for all the traditional Christmas things, and to see Leonard again. And open/watch other people open presents!

What a Weekend: John and I spent this weekend at his parents' house in Midvale. Jamie's family was also staying up there and we got to see plenty of everyone else. Saturday morning we took family pictures. John and I, having no kids to wrestle and bribe into position, didn't have to be as involved, but it was quite the ordeal for most everyone else.

Then we had lunch at Grandma's and went to see Return of the King (John and I, the three oldest grandkids, Nathan and Ashley and Brook and Erin). Then we watched The Grinch. We also got to open some of our presents since we won't be there Christmas Day. Money, food, books, and DVDs. We are bringing the DVDs to watch in the car on John's laptop. Then we slept (on the floor like baby pigs in blankets all lined up).

Sunday we had the world's longest Sacrament meeting (and no one even gave a talk) and then paid a short visit to Jon and Sharon Whitney, who are drastically adding on to their house. Played with the kids, watched more Christmas movies I hadn't seen, picked out family pictures, had yummy food (potatoes!) and made lots of jokes. Yay!

We got home last night and had time to pack and watch the Titanic sink. We are both working until 2 (not that I'm at work or anything) and then leaving for CA. Yay! More family, here we come!

Isn't Christmas great??

[Comments] (1) : We've made it here safe and I am all excited. Full of Christmas and mommy's cookng. Yum! Yay! When are Leonard and Sumana getting here???

Happy Christmas!: What a great day. For the past few years it's been a tradition for me and Leonard to do stocking stuff and wrap the remaining presents. I believe this is correlated to Leonard arriving at Mom's house with many unwrapped gifts. Anyway, we had fun doing that again this year. Leonard went a bit overboard with the stocking stuffers (although Rachel and I made a traditional "drive") and we even ended up wrapping some. Leonard loves the stocking part.

We got to go see all the Richardsons, eat yummy food, get yummy gifts, hug Grandma lots. Yay.

My sweet husband bought me lots of thoughtful and useful gifts. He is so wonderful! He has thoroughly enjoyed sneaking out and buying me surprises, and especially making sure they stay surprises. Silly boy.

Mom bought each of us very nice recipe boxes and filled them up with all of her recipes, neatly printed and laminated on 3x5 cards. It also includes who she got the recipe from, and all of Uncle Carl's sourdough recipes. I bet it was a lot of work for her, but definitely appreciated. Thanks, Mom, for such a wonderful gift!

: We're back home safe. We managed to miss driving in any actual storm, although there was several inches of snow off the road through most of Utah. Now it's snowing again and I have to drive to work in it.

John's parents, it turns out, are some of the 50,000 people in Salt Lake without power (although we think that number went up since we read that). They, and everyone else who lives or is staying at their house, including Traffic and all of Jamie's family, are now staying at Brook and Erin's. We're going up tonight, to see Jamie etc. before they leave. Either the power will be back on, or a generator provided. What a pain.

We have no food in our house and no time to buy any. John and I both have full days today and tomorrow, and since we're going to Midvale tonight, no time to go to the grocery store. We brought cookies, oranges and peanut brittle from home. Perhaps we can survive.

Anyway, I'm off to catch up on a week's worth of work (actually, I'm covering for someone). Hope everyone else out there is having a happy and less snowy day. Brrr.

Old News: Number of spiders killed in our house since we moved in (organized by killer):

John: 1 Susie: 0 Yay John!

: Everything is a mess out here because of snow and wind and ice etc. I was scared driving to work this morning. Work! I get to cover groups every day this week. More money. We are still hopefully going to see John's family tomorrow, as long as the roads stay open and not scary. They still have no power.

: Today, after a great day at work, we got to drive up to Murray and visit with John's family. It has stopped snowing, for the moment at least, and the roads were clear (although there was some considerable slowing). Tomorrow we get to go up and spend the night, although we both work until 5 tomorrow and I have to work New Year's Day. Oh well. It will be fun to party with the nephews and Jodi has promised to spend the evening with her fam. We do get to meet the new beau, however. Hehe, I originally typed "meat the new beau". Freudian slip. Just kidding, he sounds great so far.



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