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: I spent the morning mopping the kitchen floor and now I'm exhausted. That's pretty much all the excitement, except that my grades came in. This is good news, except that I realized my GPA from summer term isn't my actual GPA. darn.

My internship searching for is not going well. I did run into Alissa Morrow at Mercy Hospital though.

: Rachel and I are burning CDs and packing for school. Kyra is on her way down here. But the most exciting news of all is that Rachel and I went shopping!! We got $275 worth of clothes for $40. Five sweaters and a dress. We also used the rest of a gift card Leonard had on a pair of tights an a Very Expensive candy bar. yay! I love sweaters.

: Back all safe and sound. Kyra and I spent two hours cleaning the apartment before we even got our stuff in. We were both so exhausted that we ended up going to bed around 930. We threw out so much junk. One of my exroommates has more stuff here that she forgot than I do in the first place.

Also bought books yesterday. They didn't cost as much as expected, probably because I decided not to get two of them. Church was full of new people and after, Julie and I took a bag of random add-water-only food (Jello, stuffing, pancake mix, soup) over to a friend who has no food. mmm food.

: First day of classes and work was good today. I work with lots of fun girls. It's nice to be done so early on Mondays and Fridays. I also got a letter from Doinita today.

: Yay! I got into my 8 AM badminton class! We even played today and it was fun. Everything else is turning out pretty good. My Research and Eval. class doesn't look as scary as the one I briefly attended last semester. Aside from the people I just had a bunch of classes with, I know: Camilla, a friend from freshman year; Jimmy, who I had a class with like two years ago; and Nicole, my roommate Michelle's little sister. I like having classes where I know pretty much everyone (like also the other class I had today, and my night class tomorrow, continuations of a class I had (and hated) last semester). Other good news: my friend Ruth offered to lend me an $80 psych book for a stupid required class.

I will be glad when my classes start taking the entire time and I don't have to sit around wasting time in between. I wandered by Dr. Gray's office to discuss my internship (or lack thereof) but he wasn't around. 20 minutes till work. I may get a different work schedule when my research class becomes more research than class. Two scheduled finals so far, both at 7 AM.

: I have a date! Well, I have someone to walk to class with at 8AM with. There are two people from my major in my psych class, and a girl I know from English 315. Actually, most of the psych class is apparently in our major, but they must all be sophomores. Us lazy seniors putting off a sophomore level class. Erin is in all of my classes but religion and PE. I don't know anyone in those classes, but PE is easy to make friends in: I need a partner!

Michelle is coming over tomorrow. Wednesdays are going to be so long. One of my 2 1/2 hour classes at least has fun potential. Julie and I took brownies over to 112 after I got home. That's why it's 11 and I've done nothing but eat, work, class, and flirt today.

: Michael (one of our hometeachers) came over the other night and we spent half an hour trying to translate the Chinese character on the pajamas mommy made for me. We finally ended up with "pathway to roadkill costume shop".

Lazy Saturday. I made Pasta-Roni and wrote a letter to Elder Whitney. Michelle came over on Thursday and we had fun "mer"ing. Actually, a lot of people came over this week, except, of course, Friday night when people have other things to do.

: Today was a great day! I flirted with lots of boys. Well, one. We picked out boys for each of us from the ward list. That was fun. We found Julie a great match!

Julie says hi. I am enjoying the music Rachel sent me over the internet. Ok all my roommates are staring at me weird... =)

Speaking of Pajamas: Last night, John, who actually knows Chinese, took one look at my pajamas and said "oh, that means 'longevity'." Oh. I haven't bitten my nails in two or three weeks. They haven't interrupted my typing in quite a while, but it's getting annoying and I love it. Maybe I'll go oncampus this afternoon and find a piano, just so I can feel how long my nails are. Off to work.

: Yesterday, on my way home from work, I found myself thinking, "Good thing there're only two Thursdays in the week." What I really meant was that Tuesday really wore me out, Wednesdays I'm too busy to even worry about being worn out, and Thursdays are just like Tuesdays and likely to wear me out some more. Luckily those are the only days of the week I have to worry about anything.

Everyone in my major, including the profesors, is a loudmouth. Dr. Z announced to the class (the same people I have every other class with) I would be doing a Powerpoint presentation after my date on Thursday. It would have been very embarassing if I got embarassed.

When I got to work the supervisor told me I was in charge, made a list of things for dinner, and left. She's said that before, but I haven't ever been in charge before. Whose idea was it to have three kids make dinner for 800 people?? It was incredibly stressful, but two manager people complimented me and Charles even suggested they may make me supervisor (which means they'll put me in charge when noone else is there (wait, they already do that) and a very nice raise). Yay!

: Today Julie and I went to the temple. By the time they were done printing all 632 family file cards, there were 60 people in the baptistry so we couldn't even go. There was, however, a cute surprise from a boy when I got home, and we eeked out an invitation to dinner. Julie and I watched Ice Age at John's apt. and talked for quite a while. Now I need to go to bed because I am going skiing tomorrow.

: Skiing today was a ton of fun. I went up with Robert and Shelley and her boyfriend, and Uncle Jon and Uncle Leonard were there. Robert and Jon took turns going with me so I wouldn't get lost whenever I slid 25 feet down random hills. The skiing at this place was a lot better, and a lot more difficult than where I'd been before, so I fell a lot. It was way fun though. I love having my uncles around to take care of me and give me love advice. I am really tired.

: *squeal!* Kyra and I just finished Friday's (the hardest) cross-word puzzle. We've been working on it all weekend and we just got the last 8 or so in a few minutes. Of course we used the internet, and even called some people for help, but we're really proud of this.

I've had a pretty good weekend. A new chair was called for my council... Derek, a guy who was in my freshman ward. We just sang for an hour straight and are all really tired and out of it, so it's bedtime.

What day is it again?: Bleh. Despite being unbelievably out of it, I am still full of consistent cheerfulness. Interesting. Today I found out two of the guys in my FHE group are also in my Marriage class. I also saw two other guys (the same two as usual) at work and ate lunch with one of them. I am on-campus early for my class so I could complete an assignment I won't have time to do tomorrow (class from 8-115, work 130-530, and I'm going out as soon as I get home).

I'm so glad I only have to live like this for three days of the week because it's awfully busy. On the bright side, life is moving along quickly and relatively smoothly (this is bright because I'm living from paycheck to paycheck). I guess things are always bright when there's someone interested in you, right? *hee*

: An article about one of my favorite professors. If you're lucky, you will someday hear me do one of the silly games I have learned from him.

TIREDNESS! I'm so glad it's Thursday night, because that means my week is finally over. Time seemed to move soo slow at work today. I'm not going out tonight after all, but I'm kinda glad. Julie and I are going to make pancakes, and then I can read until I fall asleep and sleep in tomorrow.

: Susie, Julie and Kyra, simultaneously and often, while watching The Simpsons: Awww.... that was so cute!

: Today was a great day. I figured some internship stuff out, and then tonight we had a ward social. John came home with us after the social (to eat leftovers of the dinner Julie and I made) and just left. We are going out tomorrow night, yay for dates.

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