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: Yesterday, on my way home from work, I found myself thinking, "Good thing there're only two Thursdays in the week." What I really meant was that Tuesday really wore me out, Wednesdays I'm too busy to even worry about being worn out, and Thursdays are just like Tuesdays and likely to wear me out some more. Luckily those are the only days of the week I have to worry about anything.

Everyone in my major, including the profesors, is a loudmouth. Dr. Z announced to the class (the same people I have every other class with) I would be doing a Powerpoint presentation after my date on Thursday. It would have been very embarassing if I got embarassed.

When I got to work the supervisor told me I was in charge, made a list of things for dinner, and left. She's said that before, but I haven't ever been in charge before. Whose idea was it to have three kids make dinner for 800 people?? It was incredibly stressful, but two manager people complimented me and Charles even suggested they may make me supervisor (which means they'll put me in charge when noone else is there (wait, they already do that) and a very nice raise). Yay!


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