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What day is it again?: Bleh. Despite being unbelievably out of it, I am still full of consistent cheerfulness. Interesting. Today I found out two of the guys in my FHE group are also in my Marriage class. I also saw two other guys (the same two as usual) at work and ate lunch with one of them. I am on-campus early for my class so I could complete an assignment I won't have time to do tomorrow (class from 8-115, work 130-530, and I'm going out as soon as I get home).

I'm so glad I only have to live like this for three days of the week because it's awfully busy. On the bright side, life is moving along quickly and relatively smoothly (this is bright because I'm living from paycheck to paycheck). I guess things are always bright when there's someone interested in you, right? *hee*

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