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: Yesterday morning, I opened the door to look at the weather and *gasp* it was snowing!! We got a few inches of snow, but of course it's all gone now. I must study study laundry study this afternoon so I won't have to stress out during my actual week. Today I found myself surprised certain places were open on the weekend (yeah, it's Monday).

: While walking to class this morning I ran into: Shannon, Stacie, Kirin, Jackson, Kyra, Julie, April, Megan and Tammy. I was late to class. Tammy is engaged (April 26) and we are going to go see her old roommates tomorrow. Also, Summer and Cami's sister Jamie came over last night. Apparently, Steve's (as in Steve and Winter, who are now married) brother is in my ward. Oh yeah...

I have two tests this week, but I think things are going to turn out ok. I'd kinda like to take my psych test right now and get it over with. Unfortunately I have three hours of work and two hours of class I must deal with first.

: Bleh, Stress!!!! Ok *whew* I'm done. We are going on a field trip for 473, so I can stand around in the RB for half an hour, so I can go look at more internship options. I get all upset and frustrated and confused anytime I talk to someone about my internship options/ideas. Except for Mommy. Yay for mommies! Maybe that means I need to call her again.

: I am at the library studying like a good girl. Actually, of the three and a half (literally) computers at our house, none work properly, and there's no printer and I had major computer writing to do. Scholarship application, internship application, religion paper, philosophy... oh yeah, I have an interview for an internship next week. Yay! Good luck to me.

I had a hot date with Kyra last night. We went to see "Shanghai Knights" (funny) and got ice cream at ColdStone (yummy). We've already planned our next date: Thai food. Must print stuff and get back to studying.

: This was a great and productive weekend. I studied a ton on Saturday; I think I got all my work done for the whole week, except my Philosophy (which I think I'm going to pretend is finished and print out right now). Tonight Julie and I are going to play badminton.

I was so happy yesterday. silly. I'm going to Jon and Sharon's next Sunday, yay!

: Busy busy busy. Kyra and Julie went with me to play badminton last night and it was fun. My computer-getting-fixed-ness is hopeless, so I am rewriting my resume (in the next ten minutes) so I can get letters of reference written for my interview on Friday. Yay!

: I am finally almost done filling everything out for my internship application (which is good because I am taking it up there after my next class). In bad news, I have to draw the leisure ability model and get to class in the next 12 minutes. Tomorrow's Valentine's Day! I actually have a Valentine! *hee*

: Yay, what a great weekend. I had a date on Friday and I got to meet John's dog, Traffic (who was already named when they got him, Mom) (and his parents). I got lots of homework done on Saturday, although I can't remember doing much else. John's mom called and invited me to dinner at their house on Sunday so I went there because Sharon et al were sick. I had fun playing with John's niece and nephew. I forgot how much I like having a three-year-old girl attached to me.

Today I slept in (for the first time this semester!), worked, and generally did nothing. Yay for doing nothing. Actually, things have been kinda crowded and traumatic around here, so I will be glad for school and normality to come again. Past my bedtime.

: Today is a very busy day (aka Wednesday). I have to write my Psych paper between my classes, so I don't get to go home until after 8, but at least I have a cute boy to walk home with.

I feel a Flaming Hot Cheetos craving coming on. Rach, eat some for me.

: It's Friday! Julie and I are going on an Elder's Quorum date (having been invited by members of the Elder's Quorum) to the Men's Volleyball game tonight. I need to go to work, Kyra was just laughing at me because I am excited to see my friend Karina.

: Yay for today. Just got off work so I'm heading home and going to get lots done before badminton tonight. I have a test on "smashing" tomorrow and I'm not sure I'll live up to my "B" average. On the bright side, I'm not so worried about my Marriage and Family test as I was before class today. *worry worry grades grades*

: It's actually snowing. Actual snow. Like eight inches of it (and counting). The trees lining the little walkway outside our apartment are all bent over, making it next-to-impossible to walk there (I did anyway). It's very pretty and all my roommates who have never lived in snow before (all but Lindsay, who just moved in and went to California this morning anyway) are freaking out. I mean, it actually looks like Winter outside.

Passed my badminton test this morning. I really wish I could just play for fun and not worry about grades, but that's life. Last night a couple people told me they noticed I was being very happy, and one girl said we (me and April) were the best Visiting Teachers she's had so far. So, yay!

Last week mentioned to John that my brother listened to Weird Al and They Might Be Giants.

: Thursday, yay! The week is almost over. This morning in badminton we learned how to drive. Finally we can play matches that are fun, energetic, and playable. I love playing with Susan; we are pretty good against each other.

I've been working hard to keep on top of all the things I don't have to worry about until the end of the semester. I have 13 pages of Private Demons left to read, and my research for that paper is all done. My research project shouldn't be much work at all, nor my family paper. Of course there are the classes where we haven't even discussed the final project, but at least they are group things.

The semester is more than halfway over. yay for no more susieschool!

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