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Gah!: I have two tests this week, for which I am utterly unprepared. Weekends are just too much fun to waste studying. Kyra and I are going on another date tonight; hopefully we'll actually make it to Target this time, because we want our pictures! We ran around the apartment complex at 11 last night taking random pictures; see if I ever buy another roll of 36 (actually Leonard bought it for me for Christmas last April).

I came into the computer lab to print a resume and cover letter for an interview this afternoon, but I forgot that this lab isn't equipped for such things. Yes, I have another interview today... No, I still don't know about the last one (but I have talked to them). Going to work early to increase the chances I'll be able to pay my rent this summer.

: Both of my tests went surprisingly well. I also had a badminton skill test this morning (it was supposed to be next week). I did as well as I could have considering my partner. He should watch me when I'm not being tested playing against some random alphabetical person and grade me on that. Another B in PE coming my way. For some reason badminton ended after 20 minutes. Grr.

I have recently stopped attending two of my classes. One is Psych, which is a waste of time, and the other is Research, which is over. Actually, now I'm supposed to be doing actual research. ??? Danielle, who is in two other classes with me, asked what I was doing my project on (the same thing she wanted to do, amazingly enough) and said Ramon had highly recommended doing the research on a team. So I have a partner now. Twice as easy.

I get to go to California in two weeks! I'm so excited! I get to see my family (and pick up a bunch of school stuff I needed badly this semester). Do I have an internship yet??

: Last night our housing complex sponsored an ice skating party. It was great fun. $1 for ice skating rentals. Most of the people were from the other wards (there are five; it's a big complex) but we had tons of fun. I made all of my roommates come (it was Kyra's first time). I am a decent ice skater. When I tripped and fell over someone, I decided it was time to leave. My elbow hurts now. But it was fun! Gotta make the most out of my rent money.

I am at John's house; we just finished watching Con Air on TV. His roommates were a little weirded out when I totally started crying at the end. Eh. Shane blamed it on hormones. Built-in excuse!

: Yay! I love weekends. Sundays are the best: no homework, lots of good food, good friends... what more does a girl need? I had a ton of meetings and things to do yesterday, but I got to relax plenty in between at least. We are planning a trip to the Salt Lake Temple on Saturday and it's going to be awesome.

Rachel's birthday is this week, everyone! I have an evil test that day!

Badminton tonight and I may go running as well, you know, while I'm already sweaty and in the neighborhood. Off to work, yay, I love my job! Wow, today is a happy day.

Oh yeah, I have another interview for an internship.

: For those of you I haven't told (which would be everyone but Mom, John, my roommates and Barbie's boyfriend, who happened to be the first person I ran into), I got offered an internship for this summer. However, this doesn't solve my no-money dillema, at least not until the end of August, which is why I am going to work now.

: *stretch*. I am amazingly not tired. Last night I was at the library with John until late, studying for my Administration test tomorrow morning. I've been studying really hard and effectively, but I still have much more to do.

Everything seems to be going very well this week. I'm not too tired, I will be prepared for my test, I have an internship, a cute boy, and an almost-twenty-year-old baby sister. What could go wrong? (Don't answer that, Subconscious.) Plus, I get to go home next weekend! Yay!

Mom, this is a reminder for you to give something to Uncle Jon to bring me.

: At the library. Studying. Well, not anymore. It's 830! I'm tired of studying! I spent most of my time doing my reading for Religion next week, because I'm tired of studying for my test tomorrow. I think I know everything pretty well though. Off to walk in circles around the library until John is done studying with his group.

: Well, my test is over with. I didn't do as well as I would have liked to, but as well as I could have, so I guess that's going to have to be good enough. We learned the rules in badminton this morning. Apparently he hadn't realized he hadn't taught them to us. I'm not the only person who mentioned it I guess. We also only had to run twice.

What a great day. My test is over (and I've been worrying about this for ages), and I had time to work on my calling just now, I'm a happy girl.

Happy Birthday Rachel!

: Today I accepted an internship at Heritage School. I am going home on Friday! yay! John and I went to dinner at Uncle Jon's last night, it was fun to see all my little cousins. John brought me flowers on Saturday. The best part was that they could have been for any of us! Yay for love in our apartment.

: I got a letter from Doinita today, she is so cute! I've got tons of projects due in April, *bleh* it's going to be a long month. I forgot what I was really going to say. War. Life goes on. We have a new president.

: Yay, today I get to drive drive drive home. First I'm going to work (I'm early because I am taking off Monday and leaving early today and poor). I like my job. I'm lucky to have nice, fun coworkers who manage to work hard at the same most-of-the-time.

: Yay! I am really enjoying my short break home (although I won't be once we have to drive back early tomorrow morning). This morning before church Rachel and I took John over to meet Grandma and Grandpa. It was really fun. I also had a great time at church seeing old friends and I'm going to have an even greater time seeing my roommies again tomorrow! I miss them!

I love my sister!! She is so cute. I love my mommy too. She's the bestest mommy ever! My brother is really cool too. Thanks Len!

: I'm getting married!!

: I just ran into a pole in badminton (Well, I walked into it on my way out the door) and got a huge mark on my arm. Only, turns out, it's not a mark (I wasn't wearing my glasses) it's a big scrap (which explains why it hurts so much). Now I'm in the computer lab, trying not to bleed from two big arcs on my arm.

That's me with the big sparkly diamond on my finger!

Gah!: Stress. Breathe. Ok. I'm in the computer lab doing as much as possible of the homework for which I am solely responsible. I just finished my Family Paper for my religion class. It's poorly written but I think I just get points for turning it in and I would rather write my research paper than revise this one.

bleh, homework. Am I done with school yet??

: Picked out my wedding dress today. Yay!

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