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: I have three papers do next week. Ce voi face?!?!

: Julie got accepted into her art program! Yay for her. I had a great weekend with John's family and Jon and Sharon's. Now I am recracking down on the schoolwork, but it's going well, I'm fairly motivated and I'm almost DONE!

: I have finally finished my dreadful Psychology paper. I spent the afternoon with my 473 group (and several other class members) working on a huge project due next Friday. We have all ignored the fact that we have group papers due in 472 in two days. Eh. whatretheygonnado?

Our project is a Written Plan of Operations for the Therapeutic Recreation Department for a facility. Ours is called "Lake Echo Treatment Center." We tried to make it as generic as possible. Turns out there is a Lake Echo. However, it's in Nova Scotia and ours is in Colorado. (Thanks to John and Mommy for the correct lack of apostrophe).

The point is that we have to have 200 pages of assessment tools, documentation formats and policies (etc.) for a made up facility. It's the most useful assignment I've had in ages (maybe ever), I'm just bugged we weren't allowed to start until the last few weeks of school.

Quote of the Day: Susie: It's like the most useless class I've ever taken, except for maybe my entire first two years of college.

: I've been working like crazy on schoolwork. Although I haven't done a single thing today. I had to come straight home from work because I spent the whole time barbecuing outside and I stank like smoke and meat. Then I made zucchini stuff for John and I, and tried my hand at crepes. Now I'm going to bed so hopefully I can get up early and get some studying done.

Last night John and I did bridal registry stuff- It was really fun. Picking out stuff for your house, but not paying any money. How exciting.

: School is really getting the best of me this week, although I did get a break last night to hang out with five of my Romania girls (Kristen, Kristin, Angela, Emily and Jamie (who's pregnant)). My research project is actually looking like a research project now (well done girls, considering it's due on Tuesday!) and I spent all morning working on more program, activity and symptom protocols. John is taking me to lunch now. yay!

: I am up late working on my research project which is due tomorrow. It actually wasn't that big of a deal. I just finished (well, started even, for that matter) the powerpoint. We don't have to present until next Monday but we wanted to turn the whole thing in together. My Administration project, on the other hand, is every bit the nightmare it seems to be. I've spent hours and hours working on it (we all have). It's 30 or so pages so far; Eileen and I FINALLY finished protocols (bleh).

: Wahoo!! I am completely done going to class, EVER!!! Jealous, aren't you?

Planning a wedding requires thinking about things I've never considered before. I never have to worry about "does he like me?" or "is he ever going to ask me out?" again. mmm it's worth it.

: Done with finals, done with school, yay! I get to go home tomorrow and be with my family. Leonard is even coming down for me. Just have a few hours of working and my cleaning check and packing and supporting John through his last final. Yay for no more school.

: John and I had a great trip to California. I especially enjoyed the bridal shower last night. It was great to see all the ladies from the ward and Grandma and Shannon and Pat. John made me Chinese food so I need to go eat.

: The training for my internship has started. This facility is absolutely amazing. Hopefully I will enjoy the internship and they will hire me and I'll be paid well and John and I will get great benefits. The training is very long hours of sitting in a classroom, but there is free food and it will actually be somewhat helpful. I get to learn things like safety restraints and CPR (which means they're paying for it, yes).

In other news, being out of school and yet still having something to do is great. I come home from work, John and I have dinner and we do whatever we want all night. Hot tub, BBQs, shopping, addressing thank you notes... Thursday and Friday nights will both be largely devoted to wedding receptions. Free food!


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