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: I have finally finished my dreadful Psychology paper. I spent the afternoon with my 473 group (and several other class members) working on a huge project due next Friday. We have all ignored the fact that we have group papers due in 472 in two days. Eh. whatretheygonnado?

Our project is a Written Plan of Operations for the Therapeutic Recreation Department for a facility. Ours is called "Lake Echo Treatment Center." We tried to make it as generic as possible. Turns out there is a Lake Echo. However, it's in Nova Scotia and ours is in Colorado. (Thanks to John and Mommy for the correct lack of apostrophe).

The point is that we have to have 200 pages of assessment tools, documentation formats and policies (etc.) for a made up facility. It's the most useful assignment I've had in ages (maybe ever), I'm just bugged we weren't allowed to start until the last few weeks of school.

Quote of the Day: Susie: It's like the most useless class I've ever taken, except for maybe my entire first two years of college.

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