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: I'm at work right now, doing a whole lot of nothing. Actually, today has been pretty exciting. My supervisor, whom I'd previously met once, returned from vacation, and we've bonded.

: John and I are finishing up with our wedding invitations. It's going fabulously. We are sorting them and getting ready to seal and stamp them. It's a relief to have this much done and ready. Today I got to have nice chats with my mommy and grandma.

My roommates are pigs. John has to move out in two weeks (right when my mommy is coming up here!) and we'll have to start eating at my house. Yuck! There are dishes in the sink (and everywhere else) from Sunday.

: This week is going great so far. John got a nice raise yesterday and today we got the apartment we wanted. Work is going great, as usual. Lots of free food around today. I need to get myself a real job here.

: I've had a lot of things to do at work around here. Not to mention all the wedding things I have to do. Growing up isn't always the greatest.

: This is going to be a very busy week. I got my car fixed, expensively, but at least I can pass my emissions test now. John gets to spend lots of time at my house since he's living at his grandma's. My house is so full of dirty dishes and people leaving their stuff everywhere. I'm sick of it, but luckily I get my own place soon. Mine and John's own place. Woo hoo!

: I spent the weekend in Lehi with John's family. We watched a parade and had a bridal shower: free stuff! We got lots of cleaning supplies and a waffle iron and bedding and some towels and some other things.

Yesterday we saw a store called "Shag-Rug-La". I don't get it yet. At John's grandma's, we are working on a 1500 piece puzzle. The pieces are pretty big so the puzzle has turned out huge. We're not done yet.

I am making taco soup for lunch, but John's meetings are taking forever. It's going to be way yummy, though. I am practicing being a good cook.


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