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: I get to marry John in four weeks! yay! My groups this week all went great, tomorrow is a holiday, life is just great. Must run home to go to the temple with my fiance (hehehe).

: *Whew!* I have so much work to catch up on. Hopefully I'll get lots done now that John is gone; he went to California for a couple days to do a leadership conference with the firm he wants to work for. It'll be nice to relax a little, with so much wedding stuff going on.

: I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of this rec therapist thing. My groups are starting to be more creative and less out-of-the-book stuff. It's a lot easier with my girls than with my boys. The girls are really receptive to just about anything. Next week we're making cards- should be fun. Everything is just getting to be a lot easier for me- the paperwork, the documenting, the planning, the implementing, the processing. If only I had a job.

: At work. I'm the only one here. Yes, these people on salary are supposed to be here 9-5 but it's not usually quite that much work. John took me on a date last night. He made me dinner and then we went to see X2 (50-cent night). What a sweet boy. Slowly my things are all finding their place in our new apartment and soon it will only be me and my blanket sleeping at the Elms.

: mmm eclair cake! Happy Pioneer Day! In a week, I'll be Mrs. John Chadwick. =) yay! I only had to work two hours today, and now we're having a BBQ at John's cabin.

: It's Friday afternoon. My girls' camping trip has miraculously made it through the ever-stricter paths of red tape flying up around the rec office. I have a lot of other assignments I ought to be doing, but I really don't feel like it.

I'm pretty much moved out of my apartment and I have a date tonight. Six days until my wedding. How much can a girl take?

: Three short days left. So much cleaning and errands to do today, since we're leaving right after work tomorrow. I was at work 4 1/2 hours yesterday, packing food for the camping trip. What a pain. We were only missing a few things, most of which were taken care of. I'm excited to get a break from work for a while. When I come back I'll most likely be headed to Lagoon with my boys- I will be continually in need of a vacation this summer.

I'm all moved out of my apartment except my PJs, blankey and soap. It'll be nice when I can stay in my nice apartment instead of having to go sleep at the yucky one every night. Soon soon soon.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow: Now that you have that song in your head... I'm getting married tomorrow! yay! Let's celebrate by eating some dinner, chilling out with my mommy and waiting for my siblings to come spend time with me. party!


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