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In case you didn't know: from someone else's (or your own) weblog, John and I are married! We had a great trip and quite the excitement. We went to the beach, got free stuff, hung out with my family, sat in awful traffic, went to the outlet stores, stopped in Vegas, got IDed in a casino in Mesquite (yes, we were gambling), and finally made it home. We went to a yummy buffet in Mesquite, complete with cheesecake, prime rib and Mongolian BBQ (yum!).

It was somewhat a long and frustrating drive and I am ready for a nap but first I have to find my bed (cute new house!) underneath stuff that needs unpacking.

: I just had a job interview. I think it went pretty well, but all of a sudden there is competition (this position was open when I started my internship). Well, cross your fingers! We'll know next week. Got to hurry home to my honey.

: My dear family has come to celebrate at another free-gift-party tonight and to hunt for trilobites (I'm not sure I really know what those are). It's been much excitement at our house, since we've never had so many people there, much less staying there, but also much fun. We went to Denny's for dessert last night- how 13th grade.

Now we're off to the dinosaur museum and to dress up and decorate for the open house. I love my family!

: I got a job today. Woo hoo!

: Things are going great for the new Chadwick family. We've been organizing all our wedding gifts and trying to return some things. We just returned a couple things to the bookstore and got credit we can use for John's textbooks.

I got a part-time/on-call position at Heritage, so I've been trying to apply for my temporary TRS license, the test I have to take to get it, and the test I have to take to get certified (this costs about $550). I'm really excited to be working there and I'm settling into the different responsibilities I've had. It'll be fun to get used to getting PAID to work there, too. I also get my stipend next week.

: I'm at work. It's a job I actually get paid for. Today I am getting paid to play Jenga. The "part time" part of my "part time/ on call" job is doing groups on the Intensive Support Units- Rec Therapy for the kids who have been removed from their unit because they are a major disruption or are a danger to themselves or others. It's not usually exciting, but today I learned how to call a resource team.

The "on call" part of my job hasn't been too exciting because Marissa is still pregnant. I have covered a couple groups though.


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