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: For Leonard: We saw on a feature on our Two Towers DVD that the special edition, extra footage $800 DVD that comes out in November has a scene with the Entwash. Weren't you wondering about that?

Rach and Mom: Got your message, we were at church. Yes, we now have church until 5:30 PM on Sundays. We also spoke yesterday, on reverence.

We're at John's house, helping clean out his old junk (and some good stuff) for his Mom, and getting ready for a family BBQ. I've begun scrapbooking.

: Julie and her new husband have moved into our complex. School started again today, John is back to his normal self, studying every spare minute. I'm trying to rack up some hours at work planning stuff. Still waiting for Marissa's baby.

An amusing story from John: Yesterday John decided to work an extra hour so he could get a ride home from his supervisor, Lisa. So, at 5:00 they get in the car, which, incidentally, is parked in the parking lot where the band practice. Lisa puts the car into gear and *crunch*.

Lisa: What was that?

John: I didn't hear anything.

John gets out to look. Squished trombone.

The kid is standing there looking at them like he doesn't care. So Lisa and John drive off.

: Rachel says: Mom and i spent about 15 minutes looking for the source of the beeping noise ( I swear, it kept moving!) turns out it was her.

In the first few days after I got my work pager, I was running errands and I kept hearing this shaking noise in my car which stopped when I turned the air conditioner off. Then I realized it was my pager vibrating in the cup holder beneath the air conditioner.

: I have learned how to crochet and gotten a good start on scrapbooking our wedding pictures.

: I'm such a lucky girl to get all spoiled on my birthday. John bought me flowers, and a candy bar, lots of lotion and soap, and a pair of jeans and he made me a nice card. Plus we had a yummy dinner that I didn't have to cook! Then he let me scrapbook for a while, got me some scrapbooking stuff, and stayed up late talking with me. I have the best husband ever! He always makes time for me.

: Having a great week. John is pretty stressed about the recruiting going on as of late. He has an interview on Friday for an internship this Winter, so remember him then. We are really hoping for this one because the competition will be much worse for Summer, plus we'd have to wait until January or so to find out about it. It'd be nice just to have this one in the bag.

We are out on a walk to the computer lab. I've been crocheting all evening. I learned some new skills at Enrichment last night and my items are going to be much better now *determination*.

: For ages I've been meaning to mention that I saw two restaurants in North Orem with "Xochitl" in their title. Yesterday I saw another one, and now I have remembered to mention it.

The funeral (John's grandpa if you haven't heard) was lovely, and there weren't too many open problems from the wierd branch of the Chadwicks.

I have set a date with my sister-in-law (Ashley) to scrapbook during Priesthood session.

: We are having a lovely Saturday. The house is all clean and I made lasagne (ok it was frozen), garlic bread and cabbage salad for lunch, yummy. My red wine vinegar appeared to be quite nasty, so I dumped it out and my dressing is missing a bit of something, but still tastes very good.

I am getting emails from my friend Jackie who is in Romania working at Section 2 just like I used to be! It's fun to here all the gory old details. Well, away from the computer lab and on with our walk!

: John and I were so social this weekend. One of John's old mission companions came over with a friend of his (they did the yummy Thai food thing without me while I was at the Relief Society Conference) and we played games on Saturday night. Then on Sunday we had Julie and Kristi and their husbands over for fruit pizza and then got invited to dessert with another couple in our ward (more mission stuff, but this time I got to talk to the guy's wife).

Socializing goes late when you don't get out of church until 530. I used my new crockpot for the first time and made my first pot roast. Well, John did most of the work while I was visit teaching. It was so yummy. My husband is a good cook.

: Wireless internet was installed in our complex and even though we're not signed up for it, John's computer is equiped, and it occasionally works (for free!).

On our FHE walk this evening, John and I saw a racoon (sp?). It was all cute and sniffing around the nasty campus moat.

: Rachel will be happy to know we are considering paying for the wireless internet we're getting at our house. I'm going to bed now.

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