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: Yay! I got into my 8 AM badminton class! We even played today and it was fun. Everything else is turning out pretty good. My Research and Eval. class doesn't look as scary as the one I briefly attended last semester. Aside from the people I just had a bunch of classes with, I know: Camilla, a friend from freshman year; Jimmy, who I had a class with like two years ago; and Nicole, my roommate Michelle's little sister. I like having classes where I know pretty much everyone (like also the other class I had today, and my night class tomorrow, continuations of a class I had (and hated) last semester). Other good news: my friend Ruth offered to lend me an $80 psych book for a stupid required class.

I will be glad when my classes start taking the entire time and I don't have to sit around wasting time in between. I wandered by Dr. Gray's office to discuss my internship (or lack thereof) but he wasn't around. 20 minutes till work. I may get a different work schedule when my research class becomes more research than class. Two scheduled finals so far, both at 7 AM.


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