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: I love John!

: Unlike Mom John and I have had trouble getting the UPS to deliver our package at a time when we're actually home. Therefore I have to drive out to North Orem and pick it up myself. Mer.

John will not be doing an internship Winter semester, so we're going to try our luck for the summer, in both Orange County and L.A. Where does one buy a house in LA? A new house.

This weekend we are puppy-sitting Traffic while the rest of the family goes to St. George. We are also kid-sitting Logan and Ember on Friday. I'm going to do lots of laundry while we get to stay in a house with a washer. And lots of crocheting and scrapbooking. I love weekends!

Recent Kitchen Triumphs: Now that I have a little family to cook for I have been occasionally trying out new recipes. There was the fruit pizza and pot roast on Sunday and yesterday I made a new version of spanish rice with cheese and bacon (I added my own olives and corn). Last Sunday we made baked chicken pieces with red potatoes and this yummy spicy mustard, pepper and mayonaise saucey stuff. It was very good!


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