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[Comments] (1) An Entry about Scrapbooking: Today I finished two more pages. These were lovely lavender and deep purple pages with pictures from our Utah open house (that project is now done). John and I went through his mission scrapbook and he showed me things he liked about scrapbooking, so I am trying to add a little of *his* way into our book.

Next up: Our first apartment pages, to tide me over until we get the rest of our California reception and temple pictures. Should be soon now.

This weekend we're going to use gift certificates I got for my birthday to go to a movie in the *expensive* theatres, and are having a sleepover with Traffic, since our family birthday party is on Sunday.

I had to write this entry to show that I do more than cook. =)

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Posted by John at Thu Oct 23 2003 13:36

I love you!!

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