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[Comments] (1) : Today for lunch we got Flaming Hot Cheetos. How yummy! Then we carved jack-o-lanterns and sat around. What a fun group.

[Comments] (6) A recipe for Alyson: I have never tried falafel because I've made before. When I worked at the Cannon center I made it probably three times. Two cans (#9) of chickpeas, a cup of flour, 1 bunch of parsley (actually, cilantro, I think) and a giant glop (1/3 cup?) of bottled garlic in water. Stick it all in the chopper-upper and fry into pancakes. Yeah, so I've never tried it.

I made potato soup today. It was a little bland; I think I put too much water, too. Disappointing, because I spent a lot of time on it. We even cut the vegetables up last night so we wouldn't be eating really late tonight.

See, I always write about cooking. Rachel is giving me French lessons (instead of writing her paper) and I have sniffle-ies.


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