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: Today I am thankful for my laziness. My snow scraper has been in my car (where else would I put it?) throughout the whole unsnowy season. I mean, it never even made it to the trunk. SNOW! Today I used it when I made a trip to Partyland to buy colored hairspray for my boys. When I got home (slightly delayed due to the football game), there was no noticeable snow, although it's piling up at Heritage.

John lies in saying he had to clean his car off. It was snowing harder at the temple (some finally did build up here), but we made do with the windshield wipers.

Tomorrow is Halloween. I have a busy day at work; one normal group, one leisure ed. (read: longer) group, two rearranged and shortened groups, one (free!) flu shot, one luncheon, 25 kids to help dress, and a giant trick-or-treat parade. Then I have to do the charting for the 35-40 kids I'll have in group. Whew. I am dressing as a boy scout.

Our utilites bill has gotten continually cheaper, but now we may need to start turning our heater on. I teased John that we'll end up only sleeping in our bedroom (so far away from the heater/AC) during spring and fall.



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