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: The snow is gone, but it is cold and looks awfully dreary outside. You can't see the mountains and John teased they landed on a community (We were discussing 3 Nephi 8 earlier).

John and I are the Public Affairs coordinators in our ward. It's a stake calling dealing with blood drives, food drives and various (our choice) community service projects. We barely found out what it was two weeks ago.

Heritage offers free flu shots to all of its employees. What a great idea for a school! Why don't all schools pay for flu shots for its employees? Probably because few schools are so well-funded as Heritage. My arm still hurts.

Last night I dreamt (after watching The Net that Heritage was in trouble for tax evasion and everyone ran off but me and one other person, so we ran into the Admin. building to hide when the people drove into the parking lot to get us, and as we ran up the stairs my sticky note with our Tax Exempt number on it fell in view of the window. I woke up quite frightened.


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