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[Comments] (2) : My cute husband is making me breakfast, which is fair since I'm making homemade soup and bread for dinner tonight. We've finally collected all of our Angel Tree gifts, although some late last night that need to be delivered today.

I am excited to cook dinner, yum! Does anyone know if I can put bread in the fridge after it rises but before baking?

[Comments] (1) : Our hometeachers are both named John. John D's wife made yummy chocolate-dipped pretzels. Which I need to stop eating now.

: It was pouring snow on our way home from church. John, how sweet, pulled the car up for me. My bread and stew turned out ok. The next loaf will be even yummier. Thanks for the tip, Mom. The stew didn't have enough juice in it, or perhaps I added too much pasta- Things that can be easily remedied the next time I make it. Another yummy triumph!


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