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: This morning I've made lasagne and chocolate chip cookies for my husband. hopefully that will tide him over tonight. I have training from 1-6 and a work Christmas party from 630-930. On the bright side, I get paid for going to training (it's a refresher on restraints), and there are supposed to be very good prizes and bonuses at the party. And very good food. Today promises to be a good day considering I'll be at work for most of the rest of it.

I hope we are making lots of Christmas cookies, as discussed elsewhere. John and I have a deal that involves me making him sugar cookies once a month (I got cute cookie cutters in return). Plus, it's fun, and it's a family tradition!

: Training was fun. What can I say, I've always wanted to put the choir teacher in a safety hold. Not! Oh well, I didn't get dropped on my head, and I only have a few jewelry scratches.


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