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[Comments] (4) Mini Travelogue, Since I Never Update: At Rachel's request, I am finally updating. Since my last entry, I have been to California and back and gone down to part-time. California was great. Jamie and Dave have a beautiful house and adorable kids who love their uncle John. I enjoyed watching cooking shows with Jamie, looking through her scrapbook stuff (she's a professional) and admiring their furniture (we have been promised first dibs on the cofee tables and Tyler's baby clothes).

Disneyland was awesome. It was fun to just be a couple and only have one other person to agree with. Thanks to FastPass, and getting there before it opened, we got to go on pretty much everything with very little hassle. I was sorely disappointed when we sat waiting with terrific seats for Fantasmic and it was cancelled, but I supposed there's always another time.

John likes playing with Tonks. He just can't admit to liking a cat! We were only in Bakersfield for a short time, but Christmas is not too far away.

Now that I am part-time, I don't have to go to work on Tuesdays, unless I'm covering. It's odd; I have groups MWF and staff meeting on Thurs. The next two Tuesdays I have training, so that is taken care of, but today I am home making and buying Christmas gifts. John is worried I'll be bored and kept giving me suggestions on what to do. Unfortunately, I don't have too much to do at work on any other day, so I'll save some of those suggestions for later in the week.

Covering for a different group every time is going to be a challenge, but I did a little of it at the end of my internship, and it's not too bad. I did one group yesterday, I have one on Friday and two full days at the end of December (and I'm sure plenty more in between). Now that no one is on maternity leave we (me and the activity supervisor) can finally do what we were hired to do. She's been doing my job since four months before I was hired.


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