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What a Weekend: John and I spent this weekend at his parents' house in Midvale. Jamie's family was also staying up there and we got to see plenty of everyone else. Saturday morning we took family pictures. John and I, having no kids to wrestle and bribe into position, didn't have to be as involved, but it was quite the ordeal for most everyone else.

Then we had lunch at Grandma's and went to see Return of the King (John and I, the three oldest grandkids, Nathan and Ashley and Brook and Erin). Then we watched The Grinch. We also got to open some of our presents since we won't be there Christmas Day. Money, food, books, and DVDs. We are bringing the DVDs to watch in the car on John's laptop. Then we slept (on the floor like baby pigs in blankets all lined up).

Sunday we had the world's longest Sacrament meeting (and no one even gave a talk) and then paid a short visit to Jon and Sharon Whitney, who are drastically adding on to their house. Played with the kids, watched more Christmas movies I hadn't seen, picked out family pictures, had yummy food (potatoes!) and made lots of jokes. Yay!

We got home last night and had time to pack and watch the Titanic sink. We are both working until 2 (not that I'm at work or anything) and then leaving for CA. Yay! More family, here we come!

Isn't Christmas great??

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