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Happy Christmas!: What a great day. For the past few years it's been a tradition for me and Leonard to do stocking stuff and wrap the remaining presents. I believe this is correlated to Leonard arriving at Mom's house with many unwrapped gifts. Anyway, we had fun doing that again this year. Leonard went a bit overboard with the stocking stuffers (although Rachel and I made a traditional "drive") and we even ended up wrapping some. Leonard loves the stocking part.

We got to go see all the Richardsons, eat yummy food, get yummy gifts, hug Grandma lots. Yay.

My sweet husband bought me lots of thoughtful and useful gifts. He is so wonderful! He has thoroughly enjoyed sneaking out and buying me surprises, and especially making sure they stay surprises. Silly boy.

Mom bought each of us very nice recipe boxes and filled them up with all of her recipes, neatly printed and laminated on 3x5 cards. It also includes who she got the recipe from, and all of Uncle Carl's sourdough recipes. I bet it was a lot of work for her, but definitely appreciated. Thanks, Mom, for such a wonderful gift!

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