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: We're back home safe. We managed to miss driving in any actual storm, although there was several inches of snow off the road through most of Utah. Now it's snowing again and I have to drive to work in it.

John's parents, it turns out, are some of the 50,000 people in Salt Lake without power (although we think that number went up since we read that). They, and everyone else who lives or is staying at their house, including Traffic and all of Jamie's family, are now staying at Brook and Erin's. We're going up tonight, to see Jamie etc. before they leave. Either the power will be back on, or a generator provided. What a pain.

We have no food in our house and no time to buy any. John and I both have full days today and tomorrow, and since we're going to Midvale tonight, no time to go to the grocery store. We brought cookies, oranges and peanut brittle from home. Perhaps we can survive.

Anyway, I'm off to catch up on a week's worth of work (actually, I'm covering for someone). Hope everyone else out there is having a happy and less snowy day. Brrr.

Old News: Number of spiders killed in our house since we moved in (organized by killer):

John: 1 Susie: 0 Yay John!

: Everything is a mess out here because of snow and wind and ice etc. I was scared driving to work this morning. Work! I get to cover groups every day this week. More money. We are still hopefully going to see John's family tomorrow, as long as the roads stay open and not scary. They still have no power.


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