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: *stretch*. I am amazingly not tired. Last night I was at the library with John until late, studying for my Administration test tomorrow morning. I've been studying really hard and effectively, but I still have much more to do.

Everything seems to be going very well this week. I'm not too tired, I will be prepared for my test, I have an internship, a cute boy, and an almost-twenty-year-old baby sister. What could go wrong? (Don't answer that, Subconscious.) Plus, I get to go home next weekend! Yay!

Mom, this is a reminder for you to give something to Uncle Jon to bring me.

: At the library. Studying. Well, not anymore. It's 830! I'm tired of studying! I spent most of my time doing my reading for Religion next week, because I'm tired of studying for my test tomorrow. I think I know everything pretty well though. Off to walk in circles around the library until John is done studying with his group.


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