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: Both of my tests went surprisingly well. I also had a badminton skill test this morning (it was supposed to be next week). I did as well as I could have considering my partner. He should watch me when I'm not being tested playing against some random alphabetical person and grade me on that. Another B in PE coming my way. For some reason badminton ended after 20 minutes. Grr.

I have recently stopped attending two of my classes. One is Psych, which is a waste of time, and the other is Research, which is over. Actually, now I'm supposed to be doing actual research. ??? Danielle, who is in two other classes with me, asked what I was doing my project on (the same thing she wanted to do, amazingly enough) and said Ramon had highly recommended doing the research on a team. So I have a partner now. Twice as easy.

I get to go to California in two weeks! I'm so excited! I get to see my family (and pick up a bunch of school stuff I needed badly this semester). Do I have an internship yet??


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