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: Today is getting off to a great start. I got my scholarship for Fall transfered to Spring (why did they give me a scholarship for after I graduate??) so now I am getting a tuition refund of $115. Free money! I will use it to buy gas for driving to my internship and back all summer.

I also bought new lenses ($25) for my glasses, since my insurance expires in a week, and at 12 I'm having lasagne and garlic toast with the cutest boy I know. Mmmm, food. Mmm, cute boy!

I've been spending a lot of money lately, but it's all on worthy purchases: clothes (my job has an extensive dress code, and I didn't pay for them anyway), wedding stuff. John and I bought a glass temple to put on top of our wedding cake. We also bought palm trees! The lady at the store put it on top of an ancient frosted styrofoam cake so we could look at it; a couple walking by asked if I'd brought my cake in to have them decorate it. Yuck. I forgot to have them paint the palm tree leaves green but it still looks very nice.


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