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: John and I were so social this weekend. One of John's old mission companions came over with a friend of his (they did the yummy Thai food thing without me while I was at the Relief Society Conference) and we played games on Saturday night. Then on Sunday we had Julie and Kristi and their husbands over for fruit pizza and then got invited to dessert with another couple in our ward (more mission stuff, but this time I got to talk to the guy's wife).

Socializing goes late when you don't get out of church until 530. I used my new crockpot for the first time and made my first pot roast. Well, John did most of the work while I was visit teaching. It was so yummy. My husband is a good cook.

: Wireless internet was installed in our complex and even though we're not signed up for it, John's computer is equiped, and it occasionally works (for free!).

On our FHE walk this evening, John and I saw a racoon (sp?). It was all cute and sniffing around the nasty campus moat.


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