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[Comments] (3) : Despite the fact that I haven't been grocery shopping in almost a month and that we paid for gas to CA and back (and Midvale and back and Midvale and back and Midvale and back) on John's account, my credit card bill is the same as usual. It must be January.

I don't think I mentioned that my Christmas bonus was a free pound of See's candy. Yum. I got to pick out one of everything that sounded yummy, or that John might like, then I got the rest caramels. I've almost forgotten that I was expecting a $50 check. The box says "See's Candies... A Happy Habit."

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Posted by Alyson at Thu Jan 08 2004 11:42

I'd like a little more of that kind of habbit. Unfortunately for me, there is no See's here in Lawrence.

Posted by Susie at Fri Jan 09 2004 08:14

I'd like a little more too, but I promised the last piece to John.

Posted by Kristen at Fri Jan 09 2004 12:21

You know, I got a box of chocolates from grandpa for Christmas and I haven't felt like eating one. (One good thing about being prenant, you crave heathly foods. I couldn't hardly choke down a chocolate chip blonde brownie at a baby shower I went to.) On the otherhand, Aaron, who doesn't like candy, has pretty much eaten it all.

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