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Mom: I'm glad you married so wisely
Mom: You have a cute DH too


Posted by John at Fri Jan 16 2004 11:42

What's a DH?

Posted by Alyson at Fri Jan 16 2004 11:59

I was wondering the same thing, because the reference comes up in Frances' Mollybluestocking list a lot. But now that I see it in context, it must mean "daughter's husband," right?

Posted by Alyson at Fri Jan 16 2004 12:00

No, wait, that doesn't make sense after all, Frances referring to Susie's daughter's husband. Nevermind.

Posted by Sumana at Fri Jan 16 2004 13:31

I hear it's "dearest hubby" but I always think of it as "designated hubby."

Posted by Frances at Fri Jan 16 2004 13:40

The H is for "Husband" and the D is for whatever D adjective you want to use to describe him. Might be "dearest" or might not. Might really not.

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