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[Comments] (4) : Ray Oman called me this morning. He kept confusing everyone in our family, asking my if my mom was dating again, and didn't I live in the house I was born in?


Posted by Kristen at Tue Jan 27 2004 15:21

Are you sure it wasn't Richard? haha

Posted by Kristen at Tue Jan 27 2004 15:24

He must be thinking of Joseph and me. We are living in the house we were brought home from the hospital from. We weren't born in that house. :) And our mom is dating again.

Posted by Susie at Wed Jan 28 2004 08:23

Well, my phone said "Ray & Ann" when he called, although I'm not sure he ever said who he was.

Posted by Kristen at Wed Jan 28 2004 11:11

I was kidding that he was getting you mixed up, that you got who he was mixed up. I am sure it was Ray.

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