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[Comments] (5) : Here is
my map. I don't remember visiting Oklahoma, but it Leonard said so. He also forgot Missouri which I'm sure was visited on that same trip.

Here is my world map. I am counting airports, which I slept in, but not Moldova, which I lived ten miles from but was never able to visit due to their political situation. John should make a map of countries with people he's sent EFY refunds to.


Posted by Frances at Sun Feb 01 2004 20:02

It looks like we need to go to Montana and visit some dinosaurs so that you guys can mark it on your maps.

Posted by Frances at Sun Feb 01 2004 20:14

You forgot Maryland and West Virginia.

Posted by Leonard at Sun Feb 01 2004 21:06

When did we go to West Virginia?

Posted by Rachel at Sun Feb 01 2004 23:14

When did we go to Maryland?

I'll do mine once we've remembered all the places we've been. Do my three hours sitting on an airplane watching a thunderstorm in Newark count for New Jersey? I bought a slice of Sbarro pizza there...

Posted by Frances at Mon Feb 02 2004 10:53

I don't think Leonard went to West Virginia. It was on one of those trips to see Robert & Sandi. "The girls" went on a drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains to see the fall colors.

Another trip to DC: Maryland. That's where the National Aquarium is. (Was? That whole waterfront was destroyed by fire a few years back.) In Baltimore. Terrible Place.

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