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[Comments] (3) : Our poor cute little ducky syrup jar had an unfortunate incident. Since only the plastic broke, I'm hoping to be able to put it back together, but we don't have any glue. Maybe syrup will work? Other Christmas presents are having better luck. We made sugar cookies in Play Therapy yesterday and my farm animal sprinkles were a great success.

*Yawn* I've been so tired this week.


Posted by Kristen at Tue Feb 10 2004 10:23

Maybe you are pregnant. That's how it starts ya know.

Posted by Susie at Tue Feb 10 2004 19:07

That's not how it starts!

Posted by Kristen at Wed Feb 11 2004 13:50

No, being tired is how it starts. Oh I get it, well yeah that is how it starts. Being tired is how it manifests itself.

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