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: I'm glad John has finally made it home and I'm glad that he's finally shared his good news because now I can talk about it! I say finally, but he really did at the first available chance. Well, the internship John is going to accept is one week shorter than we thought it would be, and it starts four days after Jodi's wedding, so we don't have to worry about that being a big hassle. We are very excited.

This headache has come back to haunt me. I complained about it to Mom and she says "old wounds hurt when the weather changes" which it certainly has today. It was over 50 yesterday and today it is raining. Anyway, my poor little broken skull hurts and I have to work all day today (and tomorrow). At least it's not snowing.

Yesterday I had to throw away a pair of PJs that Mom made me when I came to college (5 1/2 years ago?). I looked for more, but the only ones I found were the ones she left when she came up here. Well, they certainly are warm, Mom!

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