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[Comments] (7) : Today I am bringing Julie to scrapbook club. I think I am just going to make cards though. I don't have very much more scrapbooking to do, so I need to spread it out. I need a tiny screwdriver so I can open my camera and try to salvage the pictures that actually managed to get taken. I'm afraid I have dropped it one too many times.

It's snowed a bit over the night. Enough to make it pretty, but not so much there will be ugly piles of nastiness everywhere tomorrow.

I find myself constantly getting rid of stuff we don't like or use. I even get excited when we get to throw out an empty shampoo bottle. I just like getting rid of stuff!


Posted by John at Sat Feb 28 2004 12:03

And the snow cleaned off my car quite nicely!

Posted by Frances at Sat Feb 28 2004 13:55

You need to take that camera to the photo store and have them do it. They have a special darkroom where the film won't get hurt.

Posted by rachel at Sat Feb 28 2004 16:05

I get excited about stuff like that, too.

Posted by Susie at Sun Feb 29 2004 09:19

Which is why (Rach) you are saving magazine clippings and emails? I save emails too, but I am getting better at only saving the important ones. I copied and pasted all of my Romania ones (and will print them out someday).

Posted by Susie at Sun Feb 29 2004 09:20

And let me correct myself about the amount of snow: it's likely to pile up all dirty now.

Posted by Kristen at Wed Mar 03 2004 05:47

I love throwing stuff away too. I feel so efficient and just like doing it, I don't know why. I love getting rid of papers and using up cosmetics and toiletries and replacing them with new things. I am definitely not a pack rat.

Posted by Susie at Thu Mar 04 2004 01:36

Sounds like me. Mom: The lady at Target was able to get my film out and develop it. None of the pictures I managed to get were ruined. I still need a tiny screwdriver to see if I can open it and fix it though.

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