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[Comments] (9) Today was a good day: My hair was cute, my outfit was cute, and my groups went well. I made aspargus with hollondaise and Aunt Jeuney's beef stroganoff for dinner, we went for a walk and now we get to have ice cream cake leftover from the party on Sunday. Ahhh, life.

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Posted by Alyson at Wed Mar 31 2004 05:27

Mmmmmm--food . . .

Posted by Kristen at Wed Mar 31 2004 12:53

What is the recipe for the Stroganoff?

Posted by Susie at Wed Mar 31 2004 17:32

Do you want the recipe or the easy (realistic) way I make it? John loves it.

Posted by anonymous at Thu Apr 01 2004 12:28

hmmm, the easy way. I want to make it Sunday for dinner.

Posted by Kristen at Thu Apr 01 2004 12:29

That was me by the way.

Posted by Alyson at Thu Apr 01 2004 17:48

What crazy thing does Jeuney's recipe have you do?

Posted by Frances at Thu Apr 01 2004 20:10

You have Aunt Jeuney's recipe, Alyson. I made you a CD.

I think the craziest thing is it calls for steak. I make it with stew beef.

Posted by Susie at Sun Apr 04 2004 19:37

Sorry I didn't get it up before today, we've been internet-less for a while.

Posted by Alyson at Mon Apr 05 2004 08:26

That's alright. I must have missed seeing Jeuney's recipe for stroganoff on the CD. Beef makes Dave's tummy sick, so beef recipes are generally off my radar.

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