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[Comments] (3) : What did I ever do in the mornings before I started reading? Sleep in, I guess. If I keep my current job (well, the one nearest which would be possible for me to have) I will be working 12-8 everyday. Seriously, what do people do all morning?

Luckily, today is a non-school day and John has left the computer home to go work all day. He's working lots for me this week, especially since he can take his final while I'm at Enrichment (gardening) and not have to take time off work.

I am making Cheesy Bacon Spanish Rice for dinner. Yummy. I guess it wouldn't kill me to leave for work now.

: John and I are going to see Grandma June on Saturday and do a puzzle with her. I also got a thing in the mail about Saturn owner's night at the zoo sometime in May, so we might take Ember and Logan.

At work today, one girl announced she wouldn't be reapplying for her job, so that at least takes some of the pressure off.

Dinner was yummy. Now we're going to the mall to return the skirt I originally got to wear to Jodi's wedding. Cute husband is coming with me. That's for FHE today.


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