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[Comments] (2) : My aching body! *whine* I am sore in different places than I thought I would be from the physical intervention training I went to yesterday. This training was a lot different than the one I did at Heritage, where the intent was to help the child regain control of himself; this one hurt! My sides ache, when I laugh, cough etc. An of course my wrists feel all swollen and bruised; we mostly did adaptations of moves with names like Bent Wrist and Ulnar Shear- ow that one hurts.

We also learned some cool escape moves, from bear hugs, choke holds, someone choking you with their hands, pulling your hair, all that kind of stuff. My partner was 5 inches taller than me, so I got thrown on the floor everytime I tried to put her in a choke hold. I am done with training now, and my first shift is Saturday night.

I am spending today doing chores and getting ready to go to the Chadwick's tonight. My oil is changed and my checkbook balanced; now my apartment must be cleaned and I have lots of strawberries to dip in chocolate for Jodi's shower tomorrow.


Posted by Alyson at Sat May 22 2004 13:12

Well, at least they call it a nice non-threatening name: physical intervention. I won't be crossing you anytime soon!

Posted by Susie at Sat May 22 2004 18:41

That's what I called it. This place called it Positive Control Systems. At Heritage it was called Crisis Prevention Institute. There are other names depending on what program teaches it.

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