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[Comments] (2) Hot Date: I wanted to plan something special for John last night. Unfortunately, it rained (and rained and rained) so a picnic was out of the question, but we ate Cafe Rio and raspberry lemonade, his favorite. Then we went to see Hildago, which we both loved. I thought it was an excellent movie, so good I probably would have liked it even without Viggo Mortenson. And it was it's first night in the $1 theatre, so we got to sit in the nice theatre (the one we saw Moulin Rouge in and the ceiling fell.)

This afternoon was my first visit to Chili's and we both had yummy salads, with half of each left over for lunch tomorrow (nice since I have to work tonight). We also went shopping and bought one last shirt for John's internship (which we have planned on buying for six months) and some cute capris for me and my new job.

By the way, I have a new job. I got hired to work at a local loan place, doing office stuff and helping with loans- ok I'm not entirely sure what I'll be doing. Now I just need to rearrange my DA schedule so that I am not working all night before I work at this place! It's a good job, full-time and benefits eventually and it pays ok. I wlil keep working weekends at the other place until John comes home. The one drawback is that I won't be working at the Dinosaur place.

Monday is Memorial Day! We are going with John's Grandma and other Holbrooks to the Lehi, American Fork and Pleasant Grove cemeteries, then to the cabin. Hopefully, we will be able to meet up with the Whitney's to go to the Provo cemetery, but if not, we'll go on our later to take a picture of Aunt Jeuney's headstone for Mom.


Posted by dollar theatre at Sat May 29 2004 22:53

has returned to bakersfield! *excitement*

hee! ceiling

Posted by John at Sun May 30 2004 16:54

Now we just need to bring the $1 theatre concept to the OC.

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