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[Comments] (5) First Day: Today I started the new job. It was fine. I haven't been able to get hold of the supervisor at my other job to change my schedule. And I don't know if they're going to let me off for Jodi's wedding.

[Comments] (1) Picture Window: The girls' dorms at DA have skylights in them. The other night I was doing a check, probably around 1 or 1:30 and I looked up and could see the full moon shining on the tower (this place is at the Ivy Tower, btw), with all the backlit clouds- it was gorgeous. Reminded me of Mom's illegal picture in the temple.

New Calling: I think I forgot to mention that I got a new calling in our ward; I am one of the Relief Society pianists. I played for the first time last week, in combined RS and Priesthood meeting (which, in our married student ward, is almost everyone) in the chapel and it was intimidating. But fun, and I didn't mess up too much.

[Comments] (4) My Own Apartment: John left about 7 AM. Unfortunately, I kept him up late with talk about politics and other such things. I think he is excited to move on to something different (weather and jobwise), and to spend some time with Jamie and Dave and the boys and jumpstart his career.

I slept almost 12 hours last night. I am never really sure how much sleep I get and which naps get added onto which nights sleep. But I don't think it's been enough since this past week I'd rather have spent time with John than sleep. I have about 2 hours to call my own before I need to head up for Jodi's (last) shower. I have a lot of errands to run, though, and cleaning. I seriously slacked off this week on even picking things up.

By the way, I am back down to one job again. Heh. But I did already have three interviews set up for next week.

[Comments] (2) Free Stuff: When I called Nordstrom to see if John and I could return his shirt, it reminded me of when I lived in that house (May-Dec 2001) and my roommates and I were always complaining (genuine complaints) to companies and getting coupons for free stuff. I tried to see if there was an entry, but I couldn't find one.

It was probably around that time I learned to stand up for myself and not be afraid to call people on the phone; did anyone else have that phase? I used to make Mom make phone calls to even see what time a store was open, that kind of thing. Glad I'm over that.

[Comments] (4) : Maybe I am updating a lot because there isn't anyone to talk to. Funny, cause I just left my in-laws house, and Susan is always more than willing to talk. She reminds me of Grandma in that respect. Anyway.

I am driving up there three more times this week, twice for interviews, but I'm also sleeping there. On Thursday I am driving straight from work to the Jordan River temple. Then I'll be staying there (the Salt Lake Valley, not the temple) until Sunday, since John flies in late Thursday night. It will be a busy week, but I am excited I'll get to spend so much time with family.

The Chadwick shower held today was a "grocery shower" which was a great idea. Free food, plus it's ok if you get more than one of the same thing (I may just be saying that because she got lots of spaghetti, some of which I gave her). I want a grocery shower, just for fun.

: Movies I watched last night: While You Were Sleeping; Sabrina; Guarding Tess; How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I also colored one page in a Bug's Life coloring book.

I got to play the piano in Relief Society today, and made friends with a girl whose husband is in Texas for the summer. I am so unmotivated to cook real food. Maybe that will be better next week when my schedule is a little more regular (not normal).

Ahhh Sleep: I slept until after 2 today, it was so nice to finally get to go to bed after work. Then I went to the temple to do some initiatories so some of my family cards can get done on Thursday when we go to the temple with Jodi. I am also getting a hair cut today. It's about time; it's probably been two or three years since I've had a professional hair cut.

[Comments] (1) : Over the past two nights I watched Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves *yes I know I watch a Ton of movies* and was startled to realize that the Sheriff of Nottingham is played by Alan Rickman, who also plays Professor Snape. I was even more startled to see, when I looked him up online to make sure I had the right name, that he has blond hair! and is much more attractive in real life.

: Today has been a Very Long Day, even though I slept most of it, and I am now going to bed until work time. I had to amazingly good interviews (I made one lady cry), and I did some stuff for the reception but that is about it. sleep sleep, then work work, then temple, then sleep, then John!, then wedding. Hopefully some more sleep, too. What a week.

: The news says that "D'oh!" has officially been added to Webster's dictionary.

: Today we went to see Prisoner of Azkaban with the nephews, Brook, and Jamie and Dave. I liked it, even the changes (from the other movies and from the book) except for the werewolf. That's not what I thought a werewolf would look like and I thought it was unrealistic.

[Comments] (1) : Jodi got married, and the first thing I wrote on my webpage was about Harry Potter. hmm.

The wedding was lovely. It rained and hailed while we waited outside the temple, but was finished by the time they came out. Of course the ground was nice and wet for her dress. We had a luncheon in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in the room (we found this out later) where Grandma June and her husband had gotten engaged. Grandmpa Holbrook died about 15 years ago, I think.

Before the reception, at Gardner Village, we took family pictures in our wedding clothes; The ladies (including Jodi) wore purple sweaters and khaki skirts, the men wores dark blue shirts and khakis, the little girls wore purple dresses, and the little boys wore light blue shirts and khakis. Dad wore his suit and Mom, a dress similar to the ones Rachel and Jodi wore at our wedding. Hopefully these will be nicer than our last ones where we were all wearing black.

I had some cheesecake. Jodi and Franco are on their cruise. John has also flown off to Florida for some training. I am here, eating a Melissa Taco. Dum de dum.

To Dos: Today I finally have some time to get to work on the giant To Do List I made Sunday morning. There are over 25 items on it. I am going to start with cleaning the house, then going to the library so I have something to read tonight.

I've been meaning to mention that "they" are finally extending I-15 below 106th South. Since Northern Utah is rapidly outgrowing it's freeways, this is good news. The freeway needs to be extended all the way to Payson if you ask me. The bad news is that I've had to drive through the construction many times in the last week. Mer. Nothing worse than being stuck in traffic on your way to a bed after being up all night.

"Well, I'm back".: I had fun at Grandma June's. The shades were down in the room I stayed in, and I slept for 14 1/2 hours!!! I couldn't believe the time when I woke up. I did a puzzle, we went out to eat (twice). Susan came down and we sat on the porch visiting. It was a nice day.

I am starting training for my new job as a receptionist today. I've finished running my errands for the day and I have an hour to work on the giant puzzle I borrowed from Grandma.

[Comments] (1) : It's June and I have already had five jobs this year. FIVE!

New Job (Again, Again): Today I started training as a receptionist. I learned how to use the switchboard and met tons of new people, signed tons of paperwork. I am excited for this job. It pays well, it is in a very nice atmosphere, and besides answering phones, I get to do fun computer and office projects. Back to my giant puzzle- it's taking up the entire counter.

Good Morning: Recently I've been scheduled for the boring place at work (my night job). There is no one to talk to and the TV doesn't work. I actually managed to stay up ok last night, but what happens once I've watched all of the available free DVDs on the laptop? I don't have that many free options.

I missed the ward campout last night. I was planning on going up with my neighbors for waterskiing and yummy food, but I ended up having to work at both jobs yesterday.

I think I will buy myself some new shoes this afternoon.

: I finally got to talk to John again today, for over an hour. Yay for weekend minutes!

: I made it to my in-laws' without falling asleep on the road and now we're getting ready for a big dinner party. Father's Day seems to be the only holiday we (Susan) invite people outside our immediate family. I am very hungry, and excited for food and seeing people. I'm glad I've got people to hang out with sometimes, cause it gets boring in my apartment doing my puzzle.

I bought Dad Coconut Joy ice cream from the BYU Creamery. He gets it for every holiday, and couldn't be more thankful. I'm glad we're the only ones in Provo or we might have to be more creative.

Almost a Year Ago: John and I were doing the same puzzle I am doing now. It is taking me forever. There is even a picture of it in our scrapbook on the dating page.

[Comments] (1) : I am really liking my job at Nature's Way. Everyone is so nice and, believe it or not, answering the phones is kinda fun. This nice lady from the legal dept. walks by after I've been here a few hours and covers for me so I can go grab a bagel from the lunchroom. I haven't gotten any projects to do yet, so it is a little slow, but I am allowed to read.

[Comments] (2) : Today was a little more exciting at work. I had one project to do, and a lot of phone calls and visitors. Plus my sweet sister has been emailing me, and I also got an email from my cute husband. Email me and I'll attach an endearing adjective to your name! (or relationship to me).

Tonight: Lehi Rodeo. Ta dum! I am going with Nathan, his scouts, his kids, and his Mom, and also spending some time at his Grandma's, although she may not be there. (Nathan is one of John's brothers, by the way.)

[Comments] (2) : The rodeo was fun, other than the time I spent refusing to let Hannah manipulate me. Secretly, she was still manipulating me because I was trying to avoid a scene, but hopefully she doesn't know that. The rodeo was about what I expected, except I didn't know people went all over to compete in rodeos. Around the world for 17 seconds, what a life. Oh yeah, and Logan got to come. He is such a good kid. Let's have some like that, John.

: We are having quite the summer thunderstorm outside. It's raining so hard it sounds like those "natural sounds" tapes you can buy.

I just got off the phone with Uncle Justin, scheduling a sojourn at his condo. Mom and John, you may hopefully look forward to a call from him. One thing I love about Uncle Justin is that he is so unpretentious. He asked me all sorts of questions to remember who I was, then asked about all our family and my inlaws, whom he remembered meeting.

Park City, here we come!

[Comments] (1) : We are getting ready for our third evening thunderstorm in a row. Today I got to hang out with a girl, Marcine, in my ward whose husband is doing an internship in Texas. I also sat by Jana, whose husband is in England for three weeks, and Desirae, whose husband works Sundays.

My hometeachers were supposed to come by, but one is out of town, so the other is bringing his wife to come visit. I haven't even eaten dinner yet. Or lunch for that matter.

[Comments] (5) : Jana came over for dinner tonight. I made arroz con pollo in the crockpot and it actually turned out yummy (not to mention easy). I also made chocolate chip cookies, but haven't eaten any yet. Then I painted my fingernails bright pink. Other than work, which was uneventful (you're the best, Rach!) that is all I've done today.

[Comments] (3) Game Night: I went over to a friend's apartment, in our complex, and we played games. Her husband is gone doing research four days a week, and he doesn't like games anyway *ahem*, so we had fun beating each other at Boggle, Rummy, California Speed, and Skip-Bo. She also has a 3-month-old baby boy, who loves attention and has a big smile.

On the cookie ball subject, My dough turned out stickier than usual this time and was hard to form into balls. Also, they stuck together more when I tried to put them on a sheet to bake them. Probably, if the dough is sticky, one sould form and freeze the balls on wax paper and then put them in a container. Probably, one should do it that way anyway. Probably, I never will.

[Comments] (1) : Isn't it weird how if you write down a dream and then read it months or even years later, you still remember it just as well?

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