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[Comments] (2) Free Stuff: When I called Nordstrom to see if John and I could return his shirt, it reminded me of when I lived in that house (May-Dec 2001) and my roommates and I were always complaining (genuine complaints) to companies and getting coupons for free stuff. I tried to see if there was an entry, but I couldn't find one.

It was probably around that time I learned to stand up for myself and not be afraid to call people on the phone; did anyone else have that phase? I used to make Mom make phone calls to even see what time a store was open, that kind of thing. Glad I'm over that.


Posted by Rachel at Sat Jun 05 2004 14:00

I think I was prevented having that kind of phase bc you used to make me do the things you didnt want to. In a way, its like how we all take turns asking the TA in dino lab for the answer. Kinda.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Jun 07 2004 12:30

I wasn't allowed that phase either, b/c my mom made me do all that stuff. I even gave a primary talk that I was horrified to give even though I begged my mom to call and cancel it for me. I used to order things from catalogues too all the time and my mom always made me call. Sticking up for yourself reminds me of a funny story involving Mom, Joe, and Louise and burnt food. Some have said that "Americans are too picky."

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