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[Comments] (5) : Jana came over for dinner tonight. I made arroz con pollo in the crockpot and it actually turned out yummy (not to mention easy). I also made chocolate chip cookies, but haven't eaten any yet. Then I painted my fingernails bright pink. Other than work, which was uneventful (you're the best, Rach!) that is all I've done today.

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Posted by Frances at Mon Jun 28 2004 20:24

I thought you couldn't make rice in the crockpot?

Posted by John at Tue Jun 29 2004 08:28

Oh, guess what? I finally made those cake cookies last night. Wow, I had the recipe way way off. But I've got it now!

Posted by Susie at Tue Jun 29 2004 11:47

Are you talking about the cherry chip ones? Jodi was talking about those with a twinkle in her eye and wanted to make them for Franko.

Mom: In this recipe at least, you're supposed to add the rice and then cook for one more hour. The rice I used was really sticky, probably because it was sticky rice. But very yummy!

Posted by John at Tue Jun 29 2004 12:06

No, those ones are good though. The chocolate chip chocolate ones.

Posted by Susie at Tue Jun 29 2004 20:55

The ones you tried to make at Grandma's but she had no flour? Ridiculous!

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