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[Comments] (3) Game Night: I went over to a friend's apartment, in our complex, and we played games. Her husband is gone doing research four days a week, and he doesn't like games anyway *ahem*, so we had fun beating each other at Boggle, Rummy, California Speed, and Skip-Bo. She also has a 3-month-old baby boy, who loves attention and has a big smile.

On the cookie ball subject, My dough turned out stickier than usual this time and was hard to form into balls. Also, they stuck together more when I tried to put them on a sheet to bake them. Probably, if the dough is sticky, one sould form and freeze the balls on wax paper and then put them in a container. Probably, one should do it that way anyway. Probably, I never will.


Posted by Rachel at Tue Jun 29 2004 21:54

cookie ball!

Posted by John at Wed Jun 30 2004 08:36

How could he not like games?

Posted by Susie at Wed Jun 30 2004 10:33

*gee* that's what I was thinking!

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