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[Comments] (1) : It's so slow today. Most of the calls I get (wait, I'm getting calls?) have been for people who aren't in today or who have already left.

There is a woman here who reminds me of Sumana. She talks like Sumana, says funny, intelligent, sarcastic, silly things like Sumana and reminded me of Sumana when she went running past my desk without shoes on. She is in Marketing; I like her.

I am ready for the weekend, not that I've done much this week. Yay, weekend!

[Comments] (3) : Well, it's been a long weekend. Here's the story.

I flew into LAX on Saturday morning, John picked me up and we drove to Bakersfield. Leonard and Rachel were both already there. We visited with grandma and grandpa Richardson, ran some errands, and did a ton of yard work. It was fun with everyone outside working in the yard together. The only drawback is that there never seems to be enough room in the trash cans. Mom fixed the fish pond, which sounds all pretty and naturistic now, and we also went in the hot tub.

Sunday, we all got up went to church early (to sing with the choir). Mom made the yummiest dinner ever- there was rosemary chicken and rice with rosemary chicken juice on it. Fried zucchini and the best salad ever- spring mix with avacado, candied walnuts, dried cranberries and homemade poppyseed dressing. I ate a lot of salad. I love salad. John and I took Gretel and Sadie for a short walk (it was really hot outside). I wish we could have a little Sadie-dog.

Monday Mom made a huge yummy breakfast (I helped) and we ran errands. Cut Rachel's hair. Drove to LA. Traffic. I had to go through security twice; they made me go back and check my bag because of a scrapbook tool kit mom gave me. (presents!) But there was plenty of time for me to read my book and I finally had a flight that was completely on time.

Jim and Susan picked me up at the airport. I fell asleep at their house, then we had an impromptu party with lots of fireworks. I wish John could have been there. That went really late and the Fire and Police Depts. had roads closed off everywhere so I didn't end up getting home until quite late. I remember when 11:00 wasn't the end of a very long day.

I got home so late that I still haven't unpacked, quite unusual for me. The plant clippings mom gave me survived the journey. Our other plant survived staying home alone. I had a great dream in which I planned this summer's public affairs project for the ward. I need to have more dreams like that.

Poor John is all alone at Jamie's house now. Hopefully he will have lots of work to keep him busy. Only six more weeks!

[Comments] (2) : Did I ever mention that I got an email from a very cool friend?

[Comments] (2) : Kirin just told me she is engaged and getting married on January 8th.

[Comments] (9) : I haven't yet figured out if these are making fun of Kerry or not, but I thought this one was very funny.

[Comments] (2) July 9, 2004: approx. 5:30 AM:I made a goal that I have to do two productive non-work things a day. Since I spent my evening napping (and still can hardly stay awake) I made myself crochet (two pairs of booties) and make fliers for the ward food drive. Now Iím going back to playing solitaire.

Today has been full of errand-running and Susie is very tired. I didnít even get a present for my nephew, whose birthday party is the main reason I went out in the first place.

Iíve noticed that when I get an email or a phone call from an old roommate I never hear from they are announcing that they are engaged, or if already married, pregnant. Well, Julie called me today, and had the latter news. She and Jared are expecting a baby in November. I am very happy for them. Good thing I bought plenty of yarn today.

: I've had tons to do at work lately, and it's great. I was given the job of scanning all of our international labels. I am working on the Canadian ones right now, a giant stack teaching me how to say things like "Kelp" in French.

I am doing well on my productivity goal. I am working on another baby hat and tonight I am going to scrapbook some stuff. Also vacuum.

For James' 5th birthday, I bought him a Dr. Seuss book I had never heard of, "Ten Apples Up on Top." He read the title out loud and said "I like this book!" I am pleased I picked out something good for him.

[Comments] (2) : Cool sis!

: There is a big sales conference tomorrow and Friday, so everyone (or at least everyone non-CS who gets phone calls) is already in Las Vegas and once again, my job has become null. I am still scanning Canadian labels. Scan scan scan.

I have already completed my productivity goal for today. I vacuumed and started making some cards. Yesterday Jana and I went and made free cards at the scrapbook stores. She has never scrapbooked before but wants to get into it, so I had fun showing her stuff.

[Comments] (1) : If anyone [cool] is bored, please email me!

: This has been a good day. After work I bought groceries, scrapbooked and then went to play Ultimate Frisbee with some people from my Sunday School group. I got so hot and sweaty, yuck. It was only 3 on 3 so it was a lot of running. Then I got to talk to John, who sent me two wonderful emails today. We looked at apartments online and have found some we like for not too much. I finished one scrapbook page and got some more stuff organized. Rachel's graduation page is going to be very cute!

Due to the large amount of free food at work today, I have just eaten dinner. I had a baked (microwaved) potato. I was going to make dijon crusted chicken with cheesy rice-a-roni and peas. I guess I'll get to have that tomorrow!

Best Of: This is my first in a series of "Best of" entries, spurred by the nothing-to-do-ness that is my job. I read every entry from the past 4 1/2 years of my life and picked out most of the funny or significant ones. Have fun!

Pianos. Soapdish. Silly day. Injured. Another odd injury. Spot is killed. Susie plays a lion. Leonard buys me a Piglet pillow. wah. Fun with a sheet. The classic work complaint. Less than a year after Aunt Carolyn died. This made me laugh. A turning point. Iím a nut. That darn cat. I really donít know what I lived off of. Adventures. I needed at least one link to hanging out with the fam. The most fun I ever had cleaning. Mud. My theories on exercise. The yummy sandwich. And the sprout caper. Pleather pants. An exciting day. I love this story. I told her we wouldnít get Hepatitis. Maybe- More hospital The worst vacation ever. Family Funnies. Gretel- sitting. Iím a very funny button funny carpet Now whoís in bed late on a Sunday Morning? Oh, Mom. My Mom is the best! Iím old! New job. The best paper I ever wrote. Iím still proud of this. A fateful night Iím still teased about. Yay! Heh, squished trombone. Spoiled. John still does the dishes. I never did that cartwheelÖ yum. sad.

: I just scanned a label for Marshmallow root (Racine de Guimauve) which doesn't look as yummy as it sounds.

[Comments] (2) : I watered my plants with ice cubes this morning. I think they liked it.

[Comments] (2) Best of: Kitchen: Here is my part in putting together a kitchen-log. It is rather unfair of me to do this without posting the recipes. So I guess I wonít mention a yummy food without the recipe- in the future. In the meantime, let your mouth water. Warning: Some of these entries are about how my food didnít turn out.

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Other yummy food mentioned: English Toffee, Cheesecake, Texas Sheet Cake, Taco Soup, French toast

[Comments] (3) : I've been thinking about food. Why is it that we only eat certain parts of food (and I'm not talking about not eating sheep's intestines)? This thought stems from (what else?) the labels I've been scanning. We sell herb, bark (secondary bark, root bark, inner bark and just plain bark), blossoms, fruit, berries, leaves, hulls, flowers, resin, root, stalk, husks, seed, and micro-algae (ok, that's probably a "whole" food). Why is licorice root so much better than the leaves?

For example, in Romania, they sell (and eat, use etc) celery root, whereas here we only eat the stalk, which sometimes comes with leaves, but I don't think people use them. How wasteful we are! We don't eat corn silk, although it apparently has healing properties (we sell that too). Let me look it up... It's a diuretic.

Well, I don't really care. Just thinking.

PS: Are potatoes a root?

Stupid Meeting: Last night I went to work early (they need to hire more weekend staff) and then stayed late for a boring training meeting I wouldn't have needed even if I did interact with the kids because I already knew all that stuff. I could say "at least I got paid for it", but I tried to figure out how much extra I earned and that job is so low-paying that it didn't make me feel much better.

I didn't get to bed until after 9 and now it's 6pm and I don't quite know what to do with myself. Last week I had so much to do I barely had a Saturday. Now, my house is clean and I can do whatever I want for eight hours tonight, so I'm not sure how to spend my time now.

[Comments] (1) : I've only ended up being up for about 3 hours today, one of which I was violently ill. I'm better now, which is good because I am working tonight. But I don't think I'll be finishing off those leftovers.

: Feeling much better now if anyone was worried. I got to talk to John for an hour this evening, then I visited some neighbors and made plans for my only free evening this week. Oh actually, I'm not doing anything Thursday. It's John's Birthday! but he will be out with E&Y folks. I guess that will give me some time to scrapbook and recover from working the night before.

Food!: For anyone who didn't read this, make a "Recipes" category and Leonard can create a recipe weblog for us. If you don't know how to make a category (like I didn't) email him and he will make one for you (like he did for me). It's easy, it's free, it's fun!

: Yesterday was a fun day. After work I went to a baby shower for one of John's many cousins, and then to visit with my Walch cousins (Kristen and siblings). We played Uno Attack (a scary game where a little machine spits (or doesn't spit) cards at you depending on if it likes you and how many people are ganged up on you.) Ok not really, but it was fun. Then I came home and tried to sleep. I've had a hard time getting to sleep since Sunday, although it doesn't make me less tired.

There is very little to do here and I am on my fourth crossword puzzle. Going to the scrapbook store and playing games with a neighbor after work.

: Back from the scrapbook store. I bought a little mat for eyelet setting that fits perfectly into the tool kit case my mommy bought me. It was also very cheap and I used a coupon. I also got some citrus paper, orange, lemon and lime, with credit John gave me for Christmas. Jana and I had fun making little tags and picking out wedding stickers for her. I also let her go through the ones Mom gave me a year ago.

[Comments] (4) Sorry: I don't know why anyone would read about my life.

: When I got home today, I thought, "This is what time I got up yesterday, and I have work 18 hours since then." This is my life.

A busy day today (I love projects!) and tomorrow. As if I hadn't put enough things off to do tomorrow, my first day off (an actual 24 hours with no work) in ages, I now have a random interview. But that is a good thing. Also on my plate: Grocery shopping, emissions check, and a Stampin' Up party. Hmm, there must be more things on my list at home because that doesn't sound like very much.

Saturday morning, after a 2 hour nap at Grandma's, we are heading up to the cabin for the day. I am bringing the chips, hence the need for grocery shopping. I believe I could live on cereal for another week or two, although I can tell the caramel colorant is starting to affect me.

: Happy Birthday, John! yay!

Embarrassing Story: The other day, I was making a page (on our overhead paging system) and said something to the effect of "Mary Jones, how may I direct your call?" and I said it in a paging voice, not an answering the phone voice. Then I started doing it again today! Luckily I caught myself. No one said anything. Maybe they are used to ignoring pages and didn't notice. Heh.

Good Luck and Pretty Chicken: I went to Taco Bell for dinner (sorry Sumana), out to eat for the first non-necessary (lazy) time since John's been gone. Then I went to the grocery store. One less thing to do tomorrow, which is good because I really did have more things than I mentioned. Someone took the spot I was trying to park in, but when I parked and got out of the car, I found six cents!

I bought chips for the party, flour for the food drive, and some pretty chicken. It was very expensive chicken, but I was smart and got it cheap. I am going to make something especially yummy for John with it, like Chicken Cordon Bleu.

I had a nice conversation about artichokes with several ladies in line. Yum, artichoke. I learned, while reading about different herbs, that artichoke is an aphrodisiac.

: I am in the unfortunate position of having to choose between sleep (I've had about three hours total today and I am leaving for work in an hour and a half) and making my home presentable. Thankfully I have good books and movies tonight. Is today Saturday? It's going to be a long week.

I do realize I am making very little sense. I think the only real communication I had today was drawing pictures for Ember while she guessed what they were. Who knew I could draw a whale.

: I've had the longest weekend ever. I had fun at the cabin yesterday, and at the stamp party, but I was so unbelievably tired at work. I read a book, then watched Lion King 1 1/2 and I am Sam. I didn't get to bed until 745 and of course I had to go to ward council.

My hometeachers just left. I am slowly collecting a few things for the food drive (supposed to end tomorrow). I am really rather sad about the turn out so far, but hopefully lots of people will donate at the pool party tomorrow night.

I can't believe July is already almost over. I can't believe John's internship is almost over. I can't believe we've already been married a year. Life seems to be flying by. I am so blessed.

[Comments] (2) It'd be easier if I was the Mom: Last night we had two girls up all night throwing up. One has serious stomach condition. The other had the flu. We were supposed to give pain meds twice in the night to the one poor girl, who didn't sleep until she got them. But of course, none of us were "trained" and we had to wake up several supervisors to get permission. But the absolute worst part was that we couldn't do much for them. If it was my kid, and I had to be up all night anyway of course, I think it would have been easier.

An interesting tidbit about my job: If a kid throws up, we actually have to see physical evidence of it. Fun.

[Comments] (10) Yay!: I am very excited for this weekend. John is coming up and we are going to Park City for our anniversary. We're going to shop, eat, sit in the hot tub and do lots of nothing. I love going out to eat and John loves shopping, so we will have lots of fun and spend some of the money we've saved by being apart this summer. (It's no fun spending money on fun stuff when you're by yourself.) Since this will also partly be a birthday celebration for John, including a party at the Chadwick's on Sunday night, we may have to go out and eat seafood. But twice in a one-year marriage, isn't too bad.

I am very excited! One more day!

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